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  1. I wanted to have my "single extruder" Ultimaker back, I though I just needed to place the 2nd Extruder (with magnets) outside my Ultimaker and config the firmware to disable 2nd extruder. But for each print, it heat the 2nd extruder and some mm of 2nd material flows... is that normal ? another question : since I changed the firmware, the adhesion for small part on the build plate is problematic (after the 10th test, I put some glue on my special coated aluminum buildplate which normally works with just pure aceton cleaning. Is there really no printing difference between the original U
  2. Thank you. So I just went to "machine Printers", then select the "mark2 for Ultimaker2" (should be activated to see the ...) --> "machine Settings" button. And here, I can change the parameter "Z (Height)" to 305 (which is the value set in "Ultimaker 2 Extended+" printer.
  3. I know where I found the advice to use Cura 3.2 : it's in the Github folder, there is a "Cura-3.2-ressources" folder. Might I suggest some changes on this "Step 5 - Installing Mark2 firmware": the page might be renamed as "Step 5 - Installing Mark2 firmware + Software" you don't make any warning about "cura-ressouces" version. It seems there is 3.2 and an another one "cura-ressources". For which version should we use this folder ? Small tipping errors § "Adding the "Ultimaker Mark2" printer in Cura" : " which translates to "plugins / plugins / PostProcessi
  4. I got it !!! I first retried with 3.4.1, and then I installed CURA 3.2 (and no 3.2.1) and it worked. Probably using the right firmware (extended+expension-board instead of just "expansion") helped So now, I'm going to follow all the "calibrations" steps. thank you.
  5. Thank you. I have the expansion board (bought in Belgium 50€) and I have the extended UM2. so I have to use the " Tinker-Mark2-extended-expansion-board-17.09.hex " perhaps this will solve the problem. I try if few seconds!
  6. Hi Mark2 community. First of course, I want to thank you for your big work on Mark2. The website is beautiful, the 3D models are printing OK (even if I could not print without support as advice in the website), and it's cool to have the expansion board availlable to buy. So I passed the most difficult parts : 1) mounting the 2nd printhead 2) connecting board, motor, printhead. Here I had to make 2 cables prolongations (temperature and motor). The heater cable prolongation was part of "mark2 board package", just had to strip insulation. and now, I'm b
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