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  1. This just happened to me. The model was printing just fine for a couple of hours already. When I came back to it a few moments later the print had stopped seemingly at random with the message prompt on screen "Printcores not calibrated: Calibrate now/Ignore" I choose ignore and that was it, the print didn't continue. I'm not sure if it even could continue, because at this point the cores had cooled down already and the nozzle was frozen to the model. I had to manually lower the print bed. Has this happend to other people? I don't find it logical
  2. Hi Geert, I'll try if swapping the USB drive makes any difference, thanks for the tip.
  3. Hi All, Our Ultimaker 3E is having a weird quirk lately. When we start a new print, the printer starts it's preperations: heating bed, heating printcores. Next when the progress bars are complete, it will just quickly display "Print Finished" and move the print head back to home position and starts cooling down the print cores. After a few tries it usually will start to print. But it's a weird thing and it's been happening quite consitently lately. I recently ruined a printcore trying to print wood filled PLA filament. So we did swap around som
  4. Oh really? It felt lilke a manually controlled lever only to me. Good to know. So just leave it in the lower position and the machine will control it for me?
  5. What about when printing with both cores? So far I've only been printing with printcore 1. The second core has only been in the unlocked lower position. Which is the opposite of recommended above, but there have been no issues.
  6. We ran some more prints. You guys were absolutely right. The problem was bed adhesion. We caught some in the act. It seems like the bigger the surface area, the more the brim starts to curl up near the edges? Is that common? This feels counterintuitive to me. Anyway, I applied new masking tape and wiped it with alcohol. We also started using a raft instead of brim and are now able to print bigger batches with good results, the pieces are stuck really well to the bed now. There are some strange things the printer does from time to time, maybe I'll open a new topic if th
  7. Yes, I'm planning on doing such a test. (We're busy with other projects) I only suggested retraction as an example, I'm not familiar with all the settings. I only thought maybe the printer head oozes out some filament while moving to the next model, somehow connecting both models and causing a chain reaction. Could this also have something to do with retraction? Many thanks again for all the feedback so far. Greetings, Simon.
  8. Thanks for all the feedback. Most of you seem to think the piece didn't stick well enough. We'll run some tests later this week. Are there any other possible causes or settings to try? What about more retraction for instance?
  9. Hi Gr5, Thanks for your reply. Indeed we are using masking tape and we did clean the bed with alchohol before applying the tape. But when we print the models seperately the result is stuck very well to the bed. Do you think there having more models would somehow reduce the stickiness of the entire thing? This particular print was done overnight, so we didnt see the error occur. We assumed that the accumulation of loose filament somehow ripped the entire print off the bed. (I didn't have the time yet to watch the video you attached, but will do so over the we
  10. We're trying to print multiple small models on one bed. But it just ends up as one big mess. We're geussing the filament gets dragged over from one model to the next at one random moment and from that point on everything which happens next doesn't adhere to the layers anymore? Which setting should I try to tweak? Currently we're just using the default "Normal" setting. Thanks in advance!
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