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  1. HI Yeah, I did actually find it as smithy suggested through an ultimaker reseller. However, they did not have it listed on their website. they only had the ultimaker 3 bowden tubes listed. i had to phone up and email them to get it sorted out so i would say it is very much worth getting in toch with any local resellers (there should be a list on the ultimaker website) to ask.
  2. thanks for this, i had been looking at the reseller i used and on the ultimaker website but found them now on another reseller.
  3. I recently managed to firmly clog my bowden tube with custom filament and in trying to remove the offending material i slightly damaged the tube. i would like to order a replacemnt for the S5 does anyone know where i might find this in the UK as i have not been able to find any anywhere? Many thanks
  4. Dear All, I finally had a little time to play with the system and following realignment of the axes it seems fine. Many thanks for all your help. wraypa1
  5. HI SandervG, thanks for the response. I am actually pretty sure that the device came with misaligned axes, following the posts above, i now know what to look for and the axes are out of alignment to what looks like the exact same degree as the print i showed above. i have really only had a few minutes to play with the printer so i havent had time to fix it (the instructions that i found on the ultimaker website arent brilliantly clear). but i will for sure do some of the testing you suggested when i am back in the office. Many thanks wraypa1
  6. Dear All, Many thanks for your posts, sorry for my slowness to reply - its is my work printer and work has kept me busy with other non-3D printing related work this week. i will have a go at these suggestions this afternoon/next week and let you all know how it goes.
  7. HI, Thanks for your message, yes, i do, indeed this has to fit into another item which is square and the effect is probably worse than the photo makes it look.
  8. So i have had two S5 printers (one was replaced as it was damaged in delivery but i managed to get one print off it) and it appears they both have exhibited the phenomenon of the prints not being square. The print from my first printer (i dont have a photo on me for evidence) can be seen by eye to be very slightly not square. Attached you should find a couple of images of an item i printed last night. this needed to be quite precisely square but as you can see, it is not (i added some right angles to the image for clarity). the second image also shows that the print has
  9. thanks for the replies and advice everyone, appreciate the time you took. i spoke with the vendor this morning and they are going to replace it.
  10. HI, thanks for the reply, i had some more time to investigate and it looks like the device arrived damaged (possibly during transport). i eventually found that giving the screen a gentle push would make it come back which indicated a loose connection. this stopped working pretty quickly, so given the screen is at the bottom i had a careful look underneath the device and there were some significant cracks in the plastic board on the bottom which is what i guess led to the system not working properly. I have decided not to pry any further and will send it back on Monday morning.
  11. HI All, Just got my Ultimaker S5, was very excited, followed the instructions and set it all up and for a while all seemed fine but after few minutes the screen started behaving weirdly and fading out to white with little lines on it as shown in the attached photo. it did briefly come back to life for a couple of seconds before dying again. has anyone else seen this ( i didnt see anything on the forum)? i tried to fix with a firmware update but it wouldn't update over network and i cant use the touchscreen to update off a usb stick. i It was still talking to cura over t
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