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  1. So your intent is to make an example out of me, to try and prevent other users from ever doing such a terrible thing as making a suggestion without writing the code themselves? Do you not see how silly that sounds? I did not see the other thread. I get your point, and agree with a lot of what you're saying, but your approach is completely wrong. Why could you not simply let it go when I said I'd make a pull request? Other users in this thread were willing to dive into the issue and point me in the right direction, which is how you solve problems. This is exactly the probl
  2. Alright, I tried. It doesn't really matter whether I came here to do the work or not. I came here with good intentions, and I've attempted to remain constructive, despite your negativity and assumptions of my laziness. I'm not "complaining", I'm providing feedback. You clearly have a bias and are interpreting things however you want. Your words have remained antagonistic throughout this conversation. We're not even talking about the problem, because you're so insistent that it doesn't deserve attention. That's simply your opinion, and I disagree. You stated early on that I wouldn't
  3. kman, I'm not 'incensed' because of your applause. I'm sitting here just shaking my head in wonder of how this thread has derailed to this point, or why I'm beginning this reply, but I will attempt to clarify why I said it's stupid, and extend an olive branch. You applaud me while simultaneously misinterpreting my intent, and entitling yourself to do so because of the actions of past users. When I said "I still feel that modifying the included Custom FDM Printer profile is a good idea", you assumed that I mean that the Cura Devs have to do it and I was flip-flopping. I just meant t
  4. kman, I'm done. This is stupid. Have a nice day.
  5. You're making this much more personal that it needs to be, and making false assumptions. I had no idea where to even look, and now that I've been directed to Github, I have a a way to contribute. Honestly, I've never even looked to see where their code repository is. Perhaps I could have spent more time on Google before coming here, I'll admit that much. To suggest that I want the Cura Devs to bend over backwards and do all the work is simply putting words into my mouth. I just didn't know how/where to help and started here. While I may create a CR-10 Mini profile as well, I still
  6. The Custom FDM Printer profile is the profile many users will select, since it's a simple starting place for users that don't have their printer in list, and don't have manufacturers kind enough to provide Cura profiles. Assuming that most printers will want Inner Wall Speed to be a 2x multiple of Wall Speed is a bad assumption, in my opinion. I'm not trying to convince you. I'm trying to convince Cura devs, which is why I'll submit a pull request on Github. Thank you @tinkergnome for pointing me in the right direction. I'll do the work and make the
  7. I disagree, and think it makes less sense. We know that this hobby is filled with hardware from all over the world, even homebrew solutions, and that getting manufacturers to all support one specific software product will never happen, especially when many of them have solutions of their own. The default profile should err on the side of caution rather than performance. While I don't think this is a huge problem, I stand by the idea that changing the default Custom FDM Printer profile is an easy solution with very little downside. Whether Cura devs agree and want to spend a few min
  8. It would be nice, but unfortunately we cannot expect official profiles from every printer manufacturer, or for Cura devs to make them, so many users will end up using the defaults. At the end of the day, this is free software provided without warranty, and of course it's up to the end user to make sure things are correct. It's just a suggestion for the developers to consider, and would be a pretty simple change. Change "value": "speed_wall * 2", to "value": "speed_wall * 1", for "speed_wall_x": in fdmprinter.def.j
  9. Thank you, @JCD! This is a good workaround; I just have to remember to do it when I upgrade. @tinkergnome I'm using a Creality CR-10 Mini, but I use the default "Custom FDM printer" profile, and no manual adjustments to the configuration file. These are the settings coming from a stock Cura installation. I still think it may be worth a look at that setting, as it can cause unforseen behavior for users simply adjusting wall speed, and since it appears to be a default setting for the Custom FDM Printer profile included with Cura, it can affect a large number of users.
  10. Yeah, I've learned to keep an eye out, but it got me again today so I thought I'd post it as a suggestion. It would just idiot-proof things a bit more, for people like me! ?
  11. I was changing normal Wall Speed. It appears you were changing Outer Wall Speed. And yes, you can override and just change Inner Wall Speed, but the idea is that you don't want the printer to exceed the maximum speed a user would expect, just by changing Wall Speed. In my case, I originally didn't have the Outer Wall Speed and Inner Wall Speed settings showing, so I had no idea that I was printing at 100mm/s until I started poking around.
  12. Hi, I'm sorry, I'll try to explain better with screenshots. In the first screenshot, I leave Wall Speed at default. In the second, I change only Wall Speed, since I can still accurately draw walls at 50mm/s, but start to have trouble closer to 60. This causes my Inner Wall Speed to become calculated as double (100mm/s), more than my printer can handle. It's easy to get around by setting Inner Wall Speed manually, but for a while I had that option hidden and didn't know what my problem was, or sometimes I'll miss setting it. My suggestion would to limit calculated Wall S
  13. Hi, I love Cura and use it all the time. One thing that I've had happen a couple times while not paying attention is that when I set my Wall Speed, the Inner Wall Speed is set to 200% automatically. For instance, my printer extrudes PLA fine at 190C up to about 80mm/s. My normal Print Speed is 65mm/s, but I want Wall Speed at 50mm/s for a little more accuracy. Cura then automatically calculates my Inner Wall Speed to 100mm/s, resulting in a speed faster than my printer can handle well. This is easy to work around, and ultimately my fault for not checking, but I feel tha
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