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  1. Hi all, to follow on this topic. I talk to my reseller and we figure out that this occure because one of the axes (X) shaft was a little bend. I change it, and now it's working fine. I dont know how could this have happen but for sure Ultimaker warranty work just fine. (Yes I did recalibrate as well after I changed both shaft)
  2. Hi all, Since the begining of this week, i did a fewer print then usual with my US5. Here is the problem, (see picture) It happen three times this week. On first time, I changed nozzels, clean the new ones, calibrated the build plate and did a software reset. On second time, I clean again the nozzels, change material, clean the feeder. Recalibrate the built plate. Now I'm at the third time.... What do I do wrong ?
  3. Thanks for your help by the way : - I did try to turn around the build plate 180o. I got two plates, so I try both... both do the same thing... - Active leveling is on on default no, because a never change it, and It does active level everytime I print...I think...I will double check that
  4. Talk to my reseller technician today. We did bunch of stuff trying to stop under extruding in the right top of the build plate. I did : - Update Firmware - Factory reset; - lift switch calibration Still having the same issue. Getting tired for this problem that last for a month now. I do not produce quality prototypes as i use to. Please somebody help me ! PS: I did redo a manuel leveling and push the glass build plate higher on the right side screw... Didn't change much, the problem is still there, on a smaller area....is my US5
  5. It does that to me as well. It's as if Cura Connect lose connection to the configured printers. The only way to make it come back again was the return to the network where my printers are connected with my ipad. Sometimes it not working so I restart my ipad. It usualy comes back. But on a 3 day holiday, I usualy lose connection on the second are third day. They say that it should be better with next update for Cura. Let's hope for the best.
  6. Hi all, look at picture 1, You can see that I got a small problem on the build plate's right top side. When printing with ABS, I see that in this area it's missing a layer. I clean up the extruder, made a calibration (X-Y) and manual leveling to adjust this but nothing works. I try different things but my prototype on this side of the build plate dont have the same thickness. See picture 2 and 3. I did a test to see variance in thickness on all the plate. It came out that parts printed in the right top side are always 0.010 inch less than the average thickness. (Average thickness i
  7. OK, it might not help you with your problem, but I do have printing issue with US5 compare to U3. On the edge close to the left side, there is a spot were the US5 do not print correctly. I try many thing (like manual leveling and X-Y calibration). I even tested the glass, for slop or imperfection. See picture. Still try to find out what is the problem. Better to share, so we can find answer together.
  8. HI All, I'm new in 3D printing. I use mainly to make prototypes for my compagny. I started using Breakaway support with ABS 2 weeks ago. (all from Ultimaker filaments) I use Cura to make the splicing. All went well until I had to make an elevated structure. The Support (in Breakaway) is very hard to remove on the 2 or 3 last layer (closer to the parts). It's look like it fuse with ABS I try tweeser but it's almost inaffective. So I'm looking to modify support printing...but I don't know were to change support settup, and what set-up should I change... Thanks
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