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  1. Yeah, since my prints are so freaking long, I am happy I don't run into this. I do clear the nozzles after each print and vacuum the plate and under everything.
  2. I'm finding this interesting. On my UM3, the auto leveling fails regularly. On the UMS5, I have not seen it fail yet. I've been running this almost non stop since I got it, running 4 to 5 day long prints. My wifi is odd (secured in an odd manner), so I run exclusively off the USB port.
  3. I have heard of the slurry method, but I haven't tried it. I work at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory. We go to many public education nights and local STEM events. I am focused on X-ray data from the Chandra X-ray Observatory.
  4. Thanks! This was made on our UM2E+ and I had the build plate temp too high. And I forgot supports. This was one of my early ones. I do still get warping, so I will keep an eye on that. We tend to use the glue stick method for initial adhesion. Thanks for the advice!
  5. You mean this? ? Yes, but that's a more "solid" creation. We don't have a more detailed structure of this one. (this particular print got damaged, but it still works)
  6. I just pulled the PVA/PLA off the UM3 this morning. Next to it is the model with the supports removed. This is a supernova remnant from SN1987A. Files are here and available for public use! http://chandra.harvard.edu/deadstar/sn1987a.html
  7. My prints are of astronomical objects that contain fine filamentary structures. When they fail, they fail spectacularly and often after 10 hours. So far, the S5 is chugging along making a beautiful print. I've set up a file with a triple of this object that should take 5 days to print. I'm going out of town for work, so I'll ask someone to just check on it once a day. I am so happy with this so far. I'm also using the TPLA that came with the printer. The object I am printing breaks easily, so I am hoping the TPLA holds up to the wear and tear of teenagers and middle school kids handling our
  8. @fbrc8-erin was indeed able to help me. I was able to rebuild one of my print heads and she was able to supply me with parts to rebuild the second one so I now have an extra printhead and I understand how they are built much better. Thanks for the tip!
  9. Just set up my S5 yesterday. I ran a quick test piece and I am now building a far more complex item with massive PVA supports. First impressions: Easy loading of filament. So much nicer than the UM3 filament boxes. I love the automatic leveling. It seems so much smoother than the UM3 leveling Surprised at the lower speed of print. My UM3 settings (which I inherited from the last person who worked here) has it set to 70mm/s. The UMS5 defaults to 45mm/s. However, the slower printing will produce nicer prints, so... I'm willing to make that tradeoff. Haven't trie
  10. I have the same problem and I realized it was a change to the glue I am using. My question is how to fix the damn printhead? I don't want to buy a whole new print head, but the wires attached to the printhead door broke (the red/white that go to the printhead, not the ones that go to the front fan.) How do I fix THAT?
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