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  1. Hi Team! new to the forum, using Cura for a while. Recently did a dual extruder upgrade - no matter how i seem to slice the file i am getting Gcode with random M104 commands to change the temperature throughout the print which is really screwing things up. For the life of me i cannot figure out where in my settings i am telling the temperature to change. Trying to do a calibration cube (2 color) loaded both models assigned an extruder to each merged the models went through the settings for both extruders to make sure they are identical - and i get garbage Gcode (attached). i have also tried merging then undoing to allow to control the "per model settings". same result Tried on 3.4.1 and 3.3.1 same result which leads me to think its me! CFDMP_20mm_Cube_B.gcode
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