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  1. Hi thank you for your help, wierdly it was something similar but not quite. Two of the axis poles had jumped out of the sliding blocks ever so slightly. One we'd picked up on and put it back as it was nearly out however the other one had escaped out notice. Since it's gone it the layers are better and the odd angled items seem to have stopped. However i'll keep your guide for reference.
  2. Hi All, I've not long bought an S5 and it's a great bit of kit. However we have a strange issue. If we print a end cap with four parallel holes they offset from each other. I've attached photo's to show the issue. The print quality is due to an issue I had with a new 0.8 head, the 0.4 head seems fine. I've since done a few prints and power cycled the machine and all of a sudden the 0.8 AA works but sitll having issues with the 0.8 BB. Swapping back to 0.4 is fine. I've had our designers check the model and it's all fine, even when we just print a simple circle it's a little bit oval. I'm assuming it shouldn't be this way? Picture one is where they showed how far out it is picutre two is two parts printed that are out from each other, however if you rotate them they fit fine. picture 3 is a set square on the 0.4 printed version showing how far out it is.
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