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  1. Thanks a lot - that helps! Do you reccon, one could drill the heater hole to 6mm?
  2. Thank you for the tip! Actually just doing a regular internet search for "Taobao agent" several website pop up. So far I'm pretty happy with http://bhiner.com - you can simply copy and paste the urls in their search bar. With all the required parts from Taobao I end up with around 53€ (don't know if there is additional shipping costs). I'll edit this post when I ordered and tell you how it goes. BTW: which diametres and lengths are the heater elements and PT100 for these heating blocks?
  3. Hi, sorry for zombie-ing this thread, but it is one of the first search results and very informative. There is a new option available: This seems to avoid the hitting and the loss of printarea problem. Only the sourcing of the materials seem to be hard. How do you think this compares to the aformentioned two?
  4. First: I think you did something amazing and I probably want to go in a similar direction. I just wanted to add my personal views/perceptions on some points, maybe also for the benefit of people reading this in the future. That is pretty neat! I think it might not be suitable for the big, heavy laser I'm using though. That is a very valid argument. However, with more power you can also cut, engrave etc. I'm not sure, how much power is exactly required to remove the paint. As far as I can tell, there is no proximity effect whatsoever for the spray pa
  5. Hi conny_g, I've also just upgraded my UM2 with laser cutting/etching capabilities (405nm laser, several Watts of power, mounted with https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3022126). I followed a quite different approach though for PCB mask etching. I'm using the print-head cooling fan PWM to directly control the laser power output. Then I create a gcode file, tracing the outlines of the PCB layout (through eagle ULM). In my case, I'm not using photosensitive film (as I think you do), but a plain PCB, spray-painted in black and then blasted away where I want to etch (so also effectively using
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