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  1. Hi all, I've been trying to fit my Ultimaker Original with a DIY heated bed that I am making. I am currently stuck trying to get the 100k thermistor I bought to work correctly. I bought a pack of 100k NTC 3950 thermistors specifically labeled for 3D printers. On the listing for these thermistors it states "use TEMP_SENSOR 11 in Marlin firmware " but I am using the bUltimaker firmware builder which has preset options for thermistors. I have tried both options that mentioned 3950 but to no avail. The thermistor clearly works, yet reads 23 degrees Celsius while my standard reads 32 degrees Celsius. So I can tell that the curve is off, I just can't figure out why that would be so and how I can fix this. Do any of the options in the firmware builder align to Temp_Sensor 11? If not what can I do other than compile Marlin myself? I greatly appreciate any help, as I am currently very stuck.
  2. So I’m trying to install a 3rd party Heatbed on my ultimaker original. I was soldering in the 4.7k ohm resistor and I think I burnt out the through hole on the side with the numbered pins (next to #9 and #10). I’m hoping there is some sort of workaround for this problem so I don’t have to buy a whole new board? I think that side of the resistor goes to the header pin marked #10, what if I soldered to that instead?
  3. @gr5 So after contacting the manufacture to no avail, I started looking at some thermistors. I now see that there are in fact many different options for 100k thermistors. I looked through the list but am having a hard time finding thermistors advertised that are "exactly" the same as those on the list. Like these, these seem to be a pretty standard 3d printing thermistor. Are these the "100k beta 3950 1%" thermistor found on the list?
  4. Hi, Thanks for replying. My Relay is good from 3-32v on the input so that should be fine. My wiring was very simple, but you're right I need to try to get the thermistor working first. I was going to use the heatbed output (both terminals) to trigger the relay, which would allow power from the 24v PSU to flow. Here is the link to the bed/thermistor combo I got, I already looked around the listing for more information, but maybe this will give you an idea of what it is. Heated Bed .
  5. Hi all, This is my first time posting here so if there is anything I don't do correctly please let me know. Thanks! So I am working on adding a DIY heated bed to my Ultimaker Original. I am going the route of basically recreating the HBK on my own. By this I mean I got the aluminum build platform and UM2 style heatbed. The heatbed I got stated it had a 100k thermistor built in. My current design consists of the heatbed powered directly from a 24v power supply which is switched via a Solid State DC relay by the Ultimaker board. I have the relay hooked up to the "Heatbed" screw terminals on the ultimaker board. The thermistor wires are hooked into Temp3 screw terminals. I already soldered in the 4.7k resistor into the R4 position on the board. I tried updating the firmware via the Ultimaker firmware builder but was unsure what selection to choose for my thermistor (from the dropdown menu). I am running into issues with the board not recognizing the thermistor which could be a product of this. The LCD reads 100/0 for the bed and when I try to set a temp for it, it immediately clears it back to 0. I have the board currently detached from the rest of the printer (besides the arduino), and couldn't imagine this would cause any problems, but figured it was worth mentioning. So my question is, what selection should work for the 100k thermistor and 4.7k resistor in the ultimaker firmware builder? Or am I better off using something else to do so. I picked one of the 100k thermistor options from the dropdown, but if I did pick correctly where should I look next as the cause of these problems. Thank you all!!
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