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  1. I had a heck of a time getting my printer to connect with Octoprint, so there may be some communication problems that still exist. The system just requests a resend and the fault for that line goes away, but a new one may show up later. I am going to try and move the Raspberry Pi 3 b to a different location which may help with its reception. I will let you know as soon as I get a chance to do so.
  2. Ok, I changed it and that line is no longer a culprit. I am getting a lot of checksum errors, is this normal?
  3. G1 Z15.0 F{travel_speed}*49 is in the start gcode, but I do not see where travel_speed is defined or set. For now, I just changed my {travel_speed} to F50 in the start code, can always modify it later once I understand where the variable is defined. I know or understand just enough programming to squeak by.
  4. I will have to check that out, this is the first time I am using the Cura 3.1.1, only been printing a week, was using the Cura that came with my printer IIIP. So much to learn so little time to do it.
  5. It seems when Cura creates the GCode to be sent to Octoprint one line destroys the process: "N18 G1 Z15.0 F{travel_speed}*49" I get an error in format error. If I remove the {travel_speed}*49 and replace it with say 50 so that it says F50, all is good and the print continues. I cannot seem to find where I can modify the script so that the {travel_speed}*49 does not become part of the gcode. a portion of the data sent to Octoprint follows; Recv: ok Recv: Error:Format error Recv: Send: N23 M105*22 Recv: Resend:18 Recv: ok Recv: skip 19 Recv: ok Send: N18 G1 Z15.
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