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  1. Hello SandervG, Thanks. I'll upload now these files in my ticket and will submit it. Best regards, Nasko
  2. Hello SandervG, Thank you for your fast reaction. Because, on the USB Flash there are many files - which one you need. I exported LOG from the printer to the flash memory. Are these OK? Only with curren date - from today? Regards.
  3. Hello all, Yesterday we update our UM S5 with latest Firmware 5.8.1. After that we observed the following problems: 1. There is not connection between the the printer and Cura. We checked with our IT colleagues - there is connection between the printer and the PC (ping). When we try to refresh the printer in Cura - this screen appears for about 5 seconds and disappear. S5 cannot print from PC (Cura 4.7.1) S5 can work (print) with USB. The camera is not working. S5 can work (print) with USB. The Camera is not worki
  4. Yes , the reseller inform me, but AFTER I ordered and got the upgrades and when I asked him, whether I must update my firmware.
  5. Hello everybody, I ordered and got both - the material station and air manager. Unfortunately the reseller warns me , that there is problem with the firmware and will be not possible to use these new elements. According the reseller, the new update maybe will appear after 10th of November. Now I must wait more than 3 weeks ... if the date is kept. I think, that Ultimaker must warn his customers for this problem. On the site there is no single word for that! This is not correct.
  6. After I installed the new version of Cura - 4.1 my printer is again visible. Thanks ! 🙂
  7. But by previous versions of Cura and firmware I have not experienced such a problems.
  8. Same problem. Every time after I get out of Cura and after that enter in Cura I must refresh! My printer is designated in the list of printers as Ultimaker(manual). What that means?
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