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  1. Hi there! My prints are getting better over time, there is so much to learn. I have printed this mudflap for my bike. The infill is done in parts, there is this small section that is filled in after the larger parts. This is because the 2 curves at the sides, it skips this part at first and then fills it in later. Is there any way to make this section more equal (I'd like 100% ;-)) to the rest so it does not stand out from the rest op the surface? I have this on ever print where the surface is cut into parts and are filled in one after each other. I have printed it with PETG a
  2. Thanks for the tip GR5! I might nock (twice) on your door for advice one of these days ? Rob
  3. Hi Nicolinux! Changed it! I'm having similar (??) problem with the STL generated from following openscad and then opening in Cura. difference(){ cylinder(h=30, r1=60, r2=54); cylinder(h=30, r1=7, r2=7); } I'm trying to print a cap for the filament side gap. It is a 3cm high cap for both ends, it has a 7mm hole in it.But it turs out real big... I hope you can guide me towards the solution! Kind regards, Rob
  4. Hi There! I'm a bit new to 3d printing, but already love it! Printing downloaded stuf is going smooth but I want to design my own ;-) I have made an simple object in openscad wich I export as stl file and then open in Cura (lates 3.4.1). The problem is that cura scales the object extremely and I can't figure out why. In openscad I use the following code: cylinder(0.1, 0.1, 0.1); When I make a cube all goes well. Any help is welcome an thanx in advance! Rob
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