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  1. Hello, I use a Creality CR-10S printer. I have a profile for petg in my version of cura. The most important setting so far for me was to lower the printing-speed to 30mm/s instead of 60mm/s, that made a huge difference. I can see that the printer makes retractions at other positions during the printing so the retraction functionality is ok. In this case it seems like bad luck that it is travelling between two support-towers. Thanks, /Tomas
  2. Hello friends, I am having much trouble when printing petg and I have now understood what the cause of this problem is. When studying the printer during printing I can clearly see that the Cura software does not do any material retraction before travelling from printing one support tower from another. This causes material buildup wrongly. Attachn the right you can see that material is built up in the upwards and left direction. Is there anyone that know a setting for this or can help out to get around this? Best regards, Tomas
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