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  1. 9 hours ago, Digibike said:

    Es darf nur kein "Volumen".....

    Kannst du mit einer geringeren Layerhöhe kompensieren.


    Scherz 😁

  2. Das ist dynamisch bzw, der Wand folgend nicht möglich. Aber du kannst das Infill Muster drehen, allerdings nur komplett über alles.

  3. I cannot say what happens in your specific situation, but it is generally not recommended to print via USB, it is just not reliable as you see. And the USB implementation in Cura is old and not supported anymore.


    So just use the SD card or USB stick or whatever your printer supports and you will be much more happy.

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  4. No you cannot move the head, the steppers are active and this is also important to find the exact place to continue. But it should be no problem to put a magnet to the object, a lot of users do it, put a nut into the object and it is working. I have done it only a few time and cannot remember if the head moves away during the pause, could be - maybe someone else knows it better.


    But you cannot move the head during the pause.

  5. No, you cannot move the build plate and you should not do that. It is important when you pause the print, that the printer can exactly continue the job. When you remove the plate, it is impossible the place it again in the exact same place. 


    So when you pause a print to place a magnet or something else into the print, you should and have to do it with the object and model in place. But that's not the problem, everyone who needs such things, do it in place.


    BTW, I check the printer and the pause functions is on the display, so you can pause a print from the menu directly.

  6. Hi, 

    I don't know an answer for your question, but are you aware that you are in a 3D printing forum?

    So 3D printing has not much do to with voice changing software, so you will get more answers in specific communities.

  7. It is not easy to do, but it is doable. You can only try to heat up the cores and then try to carefully remove one piece after the other. A heat gun also helps, but be careful with the temperature and distance. You just want to soften the material that you can remove it.


    This happens for example if the silicon cover in your printhead is worn out and has brand marks. This cover protects the print head from "incoming" filament", which can happen when the object looses the adhesion from the bed and the print head moves the object around during printing. 


    And on the second picture I see that the print head cable is also not in the right position, you should fix that as well before you get a broken cable.

  8. The availability of the profiles depends on the selected material and the print cores.

    For example when I use TPU as material I have no extra fine enabled, but when I change to PLA it is selectable.

  9. Hi and welcome!


    First of all the printer is not named S2+ Connect it is just UM2+Connect. It is not a S-line printer.


    You can pause a print at a specific layer, which can be configured during slicing. You have also the option to pause manually on the printer itself, but I don't know out of my head if the UM2+C has already this function implemented, I can check it later, but I think it is there.


    There are a lot of options to use different build plates. Usually you just put the additional surface on the glass. You can check the products for the older UM2 which are also working for the UM2+C.


    And yes the UM2+C has a normal Olsson block, so you can use any nozzle which is available. And there are a lot of options, hardened nozzles and I think also a Ruby nozzle. But be aware that the UM2+C has no hardened feeder gears. So it will wear out if you print with abrasive materials.

  10. 20 hours ago, zerspaner_gerd said:

    Bzw. es soll für ein paar Drucker ja ein besonderes fertiges Profil geben, das besonders für genaues Drucken da ist.

    Das sind die Engineering Profile die es für die S-Line Drucker gibt. 

    Bei allen anderen Modellen passt man selbst die Geschwindigkeiten an. Ich verwende zB am UM3 meist 35mm/sec für alles, auch Jerk um das zu eliminieren. 

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  11. It is really not recommended to change the nozzle on the print core. You risk your whole print head if something goes wrong and filament leaks out on the upper part of the nozzle. 


    The print core itself is one part and it is not made to replace a worn out nozzle. But it is doable with some work.

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