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  1. Hello, I installed the Cura 3.4.1 AppImage on an x64 machine with Ubuntu 16.04, that I plan to use for 3D-printing on a Ultimaker 3 being purchased for an educational project I'm participating to. On the other hand, I just ordered a cheaper Geetech A30 for home use, since I'm a novice in 3D-printing. Now, I just learned that a customer of the latter printer couldn't get it recognized by Cura, after having set up a proper profile, and that the problem was solved by installing an older version of Cura, see discussion Geetech A30 and Cura for details. I thus wonder whether any conflicts could ari
  2. I recently asked, on a separate topic in this forum, about compatibility of Kyotoflex withe the UM3. I wonder whether some of the useful tips about Ninjaflex given above would apply to Kyotoflex as well (it's not TPU). The specs page says it's "easy to print even on bowden extruders": http://treedfilaments.com/3d-printing-filaments/kyotoflex
  3. I am planning to feed the double extrusion of a Ultimaker 3 (in the process of being purchased for an educational project I am participating to) with a PLA filament and an elastic one. For the latter, I am not sure how elastic a nylon filament would be, it surely deserves a try, but I should like to try Kyotoflex as well: http://treedfilaments.com/3d-printing-filaments/kyotoflex/. Is this compatible with the subject printer? If so, is there any special care to be taken to get satisfactory result? Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. SOLVED! I found a 22x22-pixel .png icon under /tmp, moved it under /usr/local/bin/cura, where I moved the AppImage as well, and then edited and placed the following Cura.desktop file under /usr/share/applications : Now the icon gets blocked in the Launcher and shows up in the Dash. I just regret I couldn't find a higher resolution icon.
  5. Hello, I just installed the app as per subject.The Cura manual, under First Use says: However, the app does not show up in the Ubuntu Dash list of apps. Its icon does temporarily show among the others in the Launcher (the desktop left column), where I may try to block it in the Launcher and to add to the Dash, but neither of these actions is effective. I installed the app under /usr/local/bin, so the only way I got to launch it is from a terminal, by command line: /usr/local/bin/Cura-3.4.1.ImageApp If the App desktop registration files were available, I could try to fix this myse
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