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  1. Agree. I'd recommend to repeat leveling in the Alta-software and then give it another try. In case this doesn't solve the problem - does the filament feed properly, or may the nozzle be partially blocked? Which filament do you use (type, brand)?
  2. You have set a Change at Z-Height (Extensions - Post Processing - Modify G-Code), you set the temperature at layer 1 to 210 °C, the default print temperature is at 205 °C. I would remove the Change at Z-Height, that doesn't make sense to me. Another cause may be the activated cooling fan, I would uncheck that and give it another try.
  3. I'll have a look at it tonight. A few things to try out (as long as you haven't done it already): Have you saved the created gcode and checked it with Cura or another gcode viewer (e.g. Gcode viewer)? Since you write that the prime blob does function, I am pretty sure that your connections works via the connector). I suppose there is an error either in the start gcode or maybe another setting.
  4. Please, post your gcode and your settings panel here 🙂
  5. What do you mean with 'constantly'? With the removable print bed there can be issues with the correct levelling, so I guess it would be better to remove the print without taking the acrylic plate out of the Alta. In 3d printing in general it is necessary to keep the bed level. No, you can't print flexible material with the Alta, it gets squeezed out because there is insufficient support for non-rigid materials. Which Gcode do you need?
  6. Please, post your settings, otherwise we have to have the second sight. 🙂
  7. Did you change the filament diametre? This might cause your problem. In general, there are several causes possible, it is probably the most common issue with 3d-printing. It can depend on the printing speed (nearly as slow as possible), the surface (painters tape does a quite good job, but you need to re-level/calibrate then), the material, and, last but not least, the leveling (this is what Silhouette calls 'calibration'). A troubleshooting-guide in Spanish might help you as well, you need to read the section of print not sticking to bed. This is not Alta-specifi
  8. Thank you for your feedback, and great to hear that it works now!
  9. Unfortunately I don't speak Spanish, sorry. 😔 You have to set the diameter of the filament (Diámetro del material co...) to 1.75 mm. What is your problem with the Alta?
  10. Important: You have to remove the M104 and M109 commands from the Start-Gcode. These set the temperature of the nozzle and override the settings you've made! (Cura writes the custom temperature before the start-gcode. If this gcode contains another temperature, this second temperature will be set every time.)
  11. So, here we are again. These are my Cura-Settings for the Alta: The Start-Gcode: G28 ; home all axes G90 G1 Z5 F1200 G1 X0.000 Y-70.00 F2000.000 G1 Z0.000 F2000.000 G92 E0 G1 E50.00000 F100; G92 E0 G1 Z0.400 F6000.000 G1 X-37.984 Y-51.711 F6000.000 G1 E5.99500 F4800.00000 G1 X-36.594 Y-52.712 E6.79005 F540.000 G1 X-33.376 Y-54.825 E7.18850 G1 X-31.774 Y-55.781 E7.22241 G1 X-28.512 Y-57.540 E7.58616 G1 X-26.697 Y-58.422 E7.98434 G1 X-23.446 Y-59.829 E8.04019 G1 X-
  12. I'll have a look at my settings tonight and post them here.
  13. I don't have that issue, neither Simplify3D nor Cura. May you post your start-gcode and photos of the failed prints?
  14. The size of the nozzle is 0.4mm and filament 1.75mm. In the settings you have to activate "Origin at center" (or similar, the Alta is a delta style printer) and deactivate "Heated Bed" (because there is none); the print volume is 124mm x 124mm x 130 mm (height/Z-axis). You still need Silhouette 3D to be installed because of filament change and bed leveling.
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