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  1. I turned on Optimize Wall Print Order, doesnt seem to have changed much. Turning off outer wall wipe seems to have helped a little, but the effect didnt completely go away. Still doing print outer walls first.
  2. Btw, it looks like the effect goes away when i reduce Outer Wall Wipe Distance to 0mm. The way the I interpreted that setting was that it'd wipe inward toward infill so that defects wouldnt show up on the outer wall. Why would I want to wipe against (a) somewhere i've already printed and (b) the outer wall? ?
  3. Hey @smartavionics thanks for helping out! See attached project file. CCR10_catPause-internalHorn.curaproject.3mf
  4. I do have coasting turned on, yes. And because the CR-10 is a bowden-type extruder, that non-extruding travel over an already printed area without a retraction means that im putting down extra material and causing a zit.
  5. Using freshly updated Cura with my CR-10. Was getting zits all over the back side of a print, could not determine why. Changed a load of settings one-by-one (retraction, coasting, flow, outer wall wipe distance, number of shells, etc.) and re-ran the test a few dozen times. Looked at the animation inside Cura and found it was doing this on purpose! See video below. What setting do I change to stop this behavior??? video: https://streamable.com/9bf8z
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