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  1. This is my second model and it shows the same as my first model; no roof or inside is shown. I thought "maybe the printing will go better..." , but that wasn't (see example). What you see is what you get. Can some one tell me what I'm doing wrong. Is there a new setting in Cura 4.1 I've forgot to check? My machine is a Tevo Tarantula with Marlin software. The version before 4.1 printed without any problems.
  2. My second model shows the same problem as my first loaded model: no rooftop or inner support. The first model I printed with version 4.1 printed only the walls and no inner support and no rooftop. The second model shows it again; no rooftop (see attached second model) Can someone tell me if I forgot a certain setting in the new version (what you see, Cura will print it too)?
  3. An important update I have been tuning my PC and I thought "maybe when I shut down my ZoneAlarm". And what happens... I see Cura slicing again. I'm very happy about that, but that leaves me thinking about it..... So my question to the developers of Cura is "what has been changed that the new version needs to make contact with the internet?" . I'm using Cura almost two years and never had this problem with ZoneAlarm active.
  4. I discovered that Cura on my business laptop does operate fine and slices the example above without problems. I remember that my graphic card was update a short time ago. So I think the problem has to do with the graphical interface. I'll try to downgrade my driver version and will test Cura again...
  5. I have a similar problem. When I load a stl file and use the standard settings, hit the Prepare button to slice and then nothing happens. When I open the stderr log file, it says that it is ready with the slicing in some seconds.... (have a Windows 7 Pro machine also).
  6. Hello, I have installed Cura for the third time, deleting all de necessary cura maps (the profiles also). What do I do: 1. Start Cura and choose my printer (TevoTarantula); change the board size. 2. Set the visibillity settings to advanced, without changing anything yet 3. Load the print figure from Thingiverse 4. Hit the Prepare (slice) button Result: - Cura shows a screen with the text slicing .... (see jpg attachment) - The stderr.log file shows me different?? (see jpg fragment and full text attachment) Can someo
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