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  1. Is there a specific adhesion sheet that works well on the Ultimaker S5? Does this interfere at all with the bed leveling process?
  2. I am working on some parts that need clearance between elements of the design. I decided to run a couple of tests to determine what the optimum clearance will be. In printing the tests, the clearance is there, except for the first layer. The first layer spreads out, as it should, to help adhesion. But this spread closes the clearance gap between the elements in the design. Is there a way in Cura or on the S5 to adjust the X axis only on prints that need clearance? Thanks in advance for any help or comments offered!
  3. Further Update, I was able to install a small wireless network outside our overall company LAN. IT does not approve, but they are looking away for now... It works for us and allows us to use Cura to the s5 across this network. It is a workable short term solution, but hopefully Ultimaker will address this issue further as it is problematic to switch to the alternate network just for printing to the s5 and then back to a normal network for everything else. We also run into licensing issues with Solidworks and Inventor because they can not see our license server when we are on the alternate
  4. I haven't had much time to work on it this week, as I have been traveling. I was able to connect both my laptop and the Ultimaker s5 to the hotspot on my iphone. It seemed to work for a short time (2 or 3 minutes?) and then the connection to cura was lost. The printer did not reboot at that point, but I could not reconnect, even though both devices were still showing up on the hotspot. I tried to use a wireless router that is not connected to my company network, but I had a similar reset issue there. I ran out of time at that point and hope to do more testing wi
  5. I am on a Mac running high Sierra. My Engineers are on windows 10. All of us have the same issue.
  6. If you are interested in seeing the issue, this is a link to download a video of it happening. https://spaces.hightail.com/receive/GYjrMqUwOM
  7. Thank you both, @Smithy and @Shadowman for the suggestions. I will try them on Monday when I get back in the office and let you know how we progress.
  8. I'll try that Monday, I should be able to use my phone as a hotspot. This will test the wifi connection and allow me to see if I get the reboot issue on wifi. Thank you for the suggestion!
  9. Do you do something to replace the prime tower, or just run without one. I have printed using PVA and running in 2 colors, but I thought the prime tower was basically required when switching heads.
  10. Thank you, perhaps I could test by bypassing the network all together and running a cat5 network cable direct from my macbook straight to the printer. could I do a direct connection? or should I connect both to a router with nothing else on it?
  11. Thank you for the input, I have an understanding of computers, but not that deep. Is the 802.1x for both wifi and ethernet? I'm sure the IT group will know, but I am asking for my personal knowledge. You make a very interesting suggestion if that is the case. There is a switch in my department the includes our security cameras and some of our networked printers, but not the 3d printers. Because of the physical location of the s5, I doubt the ethernet line runs through this switch, it probably goes direct to IT. I could run a separate line direct to this switch. I believe it has a fiberopt
  12. is there a feeder replacement like this for the s5 or would it need one?
  13. Thank you for the input, I am told it is not a general problem, so I am reaching out to see if anyone else has it and has perhaps found a work around. The wifi tests I have done so far have not allowed me to see the printer online at all. I have asked our IT group to create a user in active directory with the same name as the printer. Hopefully this will allow the printer to access our main wifi network. I have only been able to put it on the guest network so far, and I think that is why I can not see it from the main wifi network.
  14. Thank you for the input. I started with Cura 3.4.1, later updated to 3.5.0 I tested with 3.5.0 after the firmware update, then upgraded to 3.5.1 when 3.5.0 had the issue. I started working with my IT group to assign the address to the printer. It is pulling the same IP address each time I restart, ( but we are going to assign that number to the mac address so it will be basically static.
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