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  1. You are right, sorry. I would start with mentioning that I've done the Wifi Setup before and have succeeded. The printer had been packed down for some time and now I resumed my work. Unpacked, and was ready to go, but failed. Maybe the wifi password was changed since last time, maybe something else. These are the steps I followed Factory Reset Wifi Setup > "Wifi Hotspot created, use a computer or smartphone to connect" It asks me to connect to "UM-001e19" which I do (with my phone) at this point, I remember I was offered to click or something, that brought me to the setup-page. This did not happen this time. I enter a random URL like recommended above and .... OK. I continue this post for the sake of documentation. Even though it didn't work last time, this time it did. Typing a URL I've never been in before brought me to the Ultimaker. I don't know what was different other than connecting the Ultimaker through LAN, updating the firmare and then trying again.
  2. I tried this when I hosted a hotspot. Didn't work. Now I am connected through LAN, but soon I need to move the printer to another location so I really need to setup wifi. What other options are there to setup wifi?
  3. Thanks for all the suggestions, but it doesn't work. It worked the first time before I shut down and put the printer in a box for some month. Could it be the firmware? That I have to upgrade it? Can I enter the popup/setup through LAN, set up Wifi from there?
  4. I am not connected to the printer. This is why I need to Connect to the hotspot, so that I can connect to the printer.
  5. Hi! First time I set up the Ultramaker, I got a popup after connecting the Wifi hotspot. When I tried this again quite recently, no popup came up. So I thought there should be a URL which I could type in to enter the setup page. Any clue what this URL might be?
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