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  1. Hi all. My name is Michel from the Netherlands. I sure can use some help. Ok. Prepare for the strangest thing everrrr. For me it is like what is at the end of all planets and this. Ready!?$# It will get stranger step by step. Suddenly. Since a month. Problems starting to occur on our ultimakers. We have 2 so that helps excluding causes bit. At the end of most prints the nozzle stayed on the print and a huge blob appears. So we have to be there when it ends to save the object printed. -Material PLA also just gets pulled back 10 cm sometimes. - We have the cannot print out of printing area on some occasions. On very small objecs. Since a week. And that must have been when i updated to the latest version of cura. 3.5.1 i think. Problems became weirder. We load a model in cura. And put it on a sdcard. (What works for the last 2 years) And then print that on one of the 2 ultimakers. It starts perfectly. But then at 75% of the 1st layer it starts printing the first layer of an older print. Of a print that we printed before. WTF. see the picture below. Like a ghost print. first i thought it where hidden messages :) But later i noticed it is a part of the print printed before. After many MANY hours of failing. We printed let's say an L on the first ultimaker. And a B on the second. Then he magicly puts a part of the L in the new B. This moment i started testing EVERYTHING i could think of. Proof is my messy whiteboard. Full of useless tests. Don't reed it ? its abracadabra. But i tried all i could think. This moment it had to be within the software itself. My friend helped me out putting cura fresh on his laptop that never seen a cura. I let him install 3.1 because that is after googling the most stable version for our ultimakers. He loaded the models that failed here. And what you know. SOME are printing perfectly. It went to second layer. But got stuck in middle. There it started printing in the air for a while. Cannot tell what model. Then beeps and goes trough the side. Where the machine gets stuck and start shaking. What leaves us with nothing. At this point when we print anything. the machine ends in shaking horribly. Until a point it gets damaged for sure. Motor wants to push all trough the glass. Nothing works anymore. As soon as we print like 5 small parts next to each other it will crash with the last model on its first layer. If it is just one object it prints an older object right trough. Below the things that we have tried. and excluded as the cause. - Ultimaker factory reset. - printing a cube. ( works ) - Printing on old cura V 3.1. ( running now ) - Removing ALL files of cura. Appdata. all single files. And fresh installation of cura 3.1. - many different sdcards. - formated a sd card. - fix stl programms. But it gets stuck at simple shapes with 20 polygons. (BTW it is not my 3d skill :) ) - Upgrading firmware.. after that a factory reset - Older firmware. ( Marlin firmware) after that a factory reset - beer My final thought. We have 2 ultimakers. 1 Um2 extended and 1 Um2. It is not the 3D model. Although it prints just a cube. Every other simple models fail. And this problem never ever happened for 2 years. It is not a broken printer. We have 2. Chances are very low right?. Else the software did it somehow. Almost impossible. It cannot be the software :S It happens with all vesions of cura. even with a new laptop and new cura. All signals pointed to a software related problem. But why the file from my friend does the same. whaaaah. Then all possible causes are gone. soo Here i am. Does anyone have ANY idea to try? That would be very much appreciated. Greetings Michel D.
  2. Thank you a lor gr5 this night i was finally able to change the configuration.h file. sadly this topic wasn't approved by moderator and i could not change the topic. But more problems came when the feeder motor was turning the wrong way. Idiot me just turned around the sanjiu feeder but when all finally worked i noticed the teeth of the feeder where upside down. stupid stupid :D:P So tinkerMarlin is the way to go We will try and read the post tonight. ANd we thank you again. I love it that the people in these community's help each other. We have multiple ultimakers working here and hope we could help someone else sometime.
  3. Hello all. My sister and i are not that much of programmers. We get the basics a bit. we have changed the feeder of our ultimaker 2 extended. This we have done because of the many retractions we have in our prints. The new feeder is a sanjui feeder. therefor we heard we need to change the configuration.h default steps per unit to another number. This is because the reduction on the feeder. After 10 hours of searching and uploading firmware versions to the printer we are very very stuck. Every time we fail we could fix it by doin a automaticly firmware update in cura. How to change just a number in the configuration.h? We think we need to manually update in cura. But therefor we need the correct version. can someone help us. thank you very much in advance greetings Michel and Marja
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