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  1. Amazing man thank you so much! You didnt have to go out your way to do that so again thank you. I'll give them a try for sure, very reasonable price too.
  2. So here's my experience over the last 8 months or so. PVA is a pain in the arse. It's super hydroscooic, it prints in blobs and strings etc and it's very expensive. I have found that for best results I print supports from extruder 1 and only print an interface layer of PVA from extruder 2 where support meets model. This has several advantages, it's cheaper because you use less of it, its quicker because the machine doesnt need to keep swapping nozzles, and it has less chance of causing problems.
  3. Ultimaker ABS. There was no warnings that it would not work so thought it would be ok, obviously its cooling and peeling up as it does so. Maybe I can do TPLA or PLA. It doesnt need to be mega tough to be honest - just needs to be tall and thin
  4. So I tried to print a long thin object over night and came downstairs to this, delaminations and even a layer shift. Very disappointed, this was printed with standard cura ABS 0 2mm profile with a new roll of filament. Am I asking too much from ABS? Should I consider an alternative such as TPLA?
  5. I print TPLA with hairspray, print is loose after cooling
  6. Maybe I spoke too soon. The LED's are fixed at current brightness setting and the slider is not changing the setting right now, I have not observed that before
  7. I am sure the developers could blow it up a little more though? We all know the webcam is almost useless in its current position but I can bearly see anything on it at that size
  8. Hey guys. Long time since I have been on here as (I got quite frustrated with the forum) but im back to say some of the gripes I had with the S5 have been solved over the last two firmware updates. The LED's are now sufficiently dim enough on low (still no off function - not sure why that is so hard to implement) and the printer now doesn't show as offline in Cura even when it is online so the workflow has been improved greatly. Thank you to Ultimaker for solving those issues. Sad to hear that the Aluminium build plate is now scrapped, I wasn't aware it was coming wit
  9. Is there any way we can make the webcam a bit bigger? all that grey real estate not being used? My computer has a 4k display if that makes a difference.
  10. Wow ok that kind of caught me of guard. I haven't seen any UK pricing yet but if it's ~£300 I will probably skip for now. I would assume the materials are going to be expensive too
  11. Right ok just got home from travels in Asia so I haven't waited until everyone goes to bed but I hope you can see the problem here @SandervG - this is lowest light setting possible, I have taken a few photos to prove. Obviously in a couple of hours my neighbours outside light will be off and our house lights will be off and then this becomes super obvious that there is something going on in my garage which is not good. All I want is an option for Frame Lights on/off. If they are on their brightness corresponds to the frame light slider and if they are off they are off.
  12. If its easy to implement on the Printer I see no reason to not have an LED OFF function. Thats all I want - the ability to turn the LED's off...
  13. Ok I will send you some photos when I return to the UK on Monday. You will see exactly what the issue is straight away I am sure.
  14. Have you had success with PVA and PLA? I had issues as the PLA will not stick to PVA
  15. Super disappointed to read this guys. Mine lives in my garage and even at lowest light lights the whole thing up so that anybody can see from the outside that there is something going on in there. Ultimaker - you need to get the details right! I think they either fail to grasp what customers expect at this price point or just do not care. Either way it's extremely disappointing.
  16. It was also my understanding that you should use a prime tower. I think Cura has it set to on by default. Again shows the lack of literature on how you are supposed to use this printer and software. As for materials running out during a print it has happened to me. You just navigate to the materials section and tell it to change materials, it will unload the bit that's left and then you reload the new one and you carry on. I really wouldn't suggest trying to push the material in behind the old one as the retraction would be a problem
  17. Exactly the same as me mate and what I have reported in this thread previously. What I meant is stability with cura connect over wifi connection to printer, have you fixed this yet or not @SandervG? Also can you comment about how the firmware upgrade part of the printer will behave post new update? will you be making this more intuitive?
  18. I will do one in the coming weeks and post it here. I think it's important there are more reports about the machine on SM other than Ultimakers own media. I love the printer, I am just disappointed in it (as you can read in my earlier comments in this thread) Ultimaker come on guys, you have dropped the ball. Pick it up and sort it out. Also some more communication on this forum would not go a miss in my opinion. Silence is not good!
  19. I keep meaning to do one on my small channel but I don't think Ultimaker would be best pleased as I think as things stand it's a bit of a mixed bag.... I couldn't sing it's praises at the moment, it's good but it's not £6500 good tbh.
  20. I too have only had the autoleveling fail on the S5 infrequently -about 5 times in the 3 months I have had it. Every time it was some filament stuck to the nozzles. There are problems with the S5, but the auto level is not one of them in my opinion.
  21. WiFi stability fixes? I'm down. Will you also impliment the firmware upgrade part of the menu so that it is easier to understand? Currently you have no idea whether you are on the latest version already and are re-installing the firmware or are upgrading.
  22. OMG. This is gold! If it continues any longer it will end up being a meme. Hope they sort this out, it's bloody annoying.
  23. I've been lucky enough to be involved with a quick turnaround request for printing some prototype Formula E parts for mounting cameras to the chassis. They needed them within 24h and I made it... Just. In fact I had to enlist the help of my CR-10S as well to get the job done. The S5 was printing TPLA and the CR-10 just regular PLA. These parts were actually strapped to a car and driven at 150mph! Everything was good and I think they are going with this design for the season so look out for it. I also made a video about it here if you are interested.
  24. Slightly relevant? Im sorry but if you drop £6500 on an expensive printer you do not expect to get intrusive messages on the companion software telling you to update to the latest version only to find its buggy. My S5 is running non stop, my last print was prototype formula E onboard camera mounting/aerodynamic parts that had to be delivered to ABB Formula E within 24h of the request - I do not have time to be messing around with software nor do I expect to do so at this price point. I use an ultimaker printer, ultimaker filament and ultimaker software.... the whole concept is it
  25. But I do not own another printer, I own an S5. It may be free for other printers but that does not concern me at all. It is the companion software to the hardware I own, the whole point of it is that if you buy an Ultimaker printer you use ultimaker software and ultimaker materials for a seamless experience. If the software is buggy then that whole process breaks down.
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