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  1. After a lot of trial and error. Thought I'd post my solution just in case any one else has the same issues. Turns out all I needed to do was turn combing to infill only. The line was from the fact it wasn't reaction when it moved because I had comb set to ALL so it was combing rather than retracting the first layer. Soon as I turned it to info only it still made that large movement but it retracted so no filament line was drawn
  2. Hi. Im used to printing my first layers a little hotter to get them to stick to the bed. Now in previous version of cura this was not problem. But for some reason the new cura temp settings are getting ignored by my printer, and I'll reiterate this wasn't a problem before. Basically I normally print at around 200-205. But I like the first layer to be around 220 to really bed in and stick firm. It's work really well for me previously. But now even though I've set cura up with an initial print temp of 220 and an initial layer temp of 220. My printer never gets that high It starts printing once it gets to the norm print temp of 205. And as such im having really bad issues with bed adhesion. I can put the print temp to 220 and it gets there fine and the first layer is great. But I don't want to be printing the whole thing at 220. Is this a problem with cura?? Is it an issue that others are having?? And can it be rectified or should I just down grade back to cura 4.5 which I know worked??
  3. Firstly. Thank you for the advice on Z seam that actually did the trick. It was set to "sharpest corner" which I changed to "shortest" and now it just heads to the nearest edge without travelling all the way along the piece I haven't noticed an under extrusion issue myself. The bed seems to be level. But I have been having a slight problem with adhesion so I may go back and have a fiddle with it see id I can't get it a bit more dialed in. Thank you I have been using PLA+ nozzle temp 205 and bed 70. I print on a glass plate too. And im still struggling to get the first layer to stick in places its rather temperamental as it will sometimes stick, and sometimes there will be a little extra filament that curls up as it starts to print and sticks to the nozzle as it drags along
  4. ive run into an issue that I didn't notice on previous version (though could well have been there) but it is certainly annoying me at the minute. im not really sure if its a litch or an issues that's going to cause bigger problems in the future, but here goes. im basically having troubles with travel moves on the first layer. in that Cura doesn't seem to want to plan a short travel move but rather speeds from one side of a model to the other. to go into more detail I have a door model, that as a small square cut out at one end, it starts printing the small cut out and then moving to the outer shell of the main door, it will print the small cut out and then rather than moving to the edge closest to where it finishes, it wil instead choose to move all the way to the opposite side of the model and start printing the shell. Normally it wouldn't be a problem, but I then I have the problem that it leaves trace material as it moves the hot end. no matter if I have retraction on, any type of combing function on or off doesn't effect it because its only the first laer so technically nothing has printed yet so theres nothing for the printer to "comb" over. which leads me to my second problem in that on the preious version of cura my retraction settings were rather high.....as in retraction length 8 or 9 and speed of 80mms, which is what I found worked best for my printer and slicer settings. but this new version of cura seems to max out at 50mms for retraction speed and will not allow me to slice if my settings are over this, which for my printer setup just isn't enough. so kind of a two in one problem here but im hoping I can get it solved here. the travel move really is baffling me to be honest, im not sure what kind of algorithm is used to determine how it prints but Im hoping there is something simple im over looking, maybe a setting I haven't got highlighted. ive included an image of what I mean. it only does it on the first layer, all subsequent layers it does go to the nearest edge and print without issues. but it does leave a rather unsightly line in the print compared to the mirror image piece that is printed at the same time
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