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  1. I feel this display so clear.
  2. I think this plugin is no longer necessary with the new version as you may position the panel anywhere in the 3D viewer. Look at the explanations on https://ultimaker.com/en/blog/52886-innovate-with-ultimaker-cura-41
  3. OUPS65

    line width

    Many tks for your answser with your helpfull feedback. Congratulations for yours prints..... We also have to face with the macro pictures distorsions. We are printing with an 0.15mm nozzel with a layer heigth of 0.08mm. This work well too : To fix the ideas for the duckboard : the rectangular holes are 0.36mm x 0.36mm and the solid part between two holes to a width of 0.274mm. His thickness is 0.374mm. The filament used is a PLA PREMIUM from 3DONLINE. our discussion between us was about the CURA process : Any idea how does CURA react on the flow if we reduce the line width by 10% as per their recommandations ? some said that the flow is automatically reduced by 10%, others said that Cura do not impact on the flow when changing this line width setting ? Many tks Philippe
  4. OUPS65

    line width

    He, I am printing with a 0.15mm nozzel and I am a little be lost to improve the print quality. CURA 4.0.0 recommend to "slightly reducing the line width value could produce a better print". a/ How does CURA react on the flow if I reduce the line width by 10% ? by reducing the flow by 10% , with no change on the flow ? with ???? b/ why could I expect a quality improvement ? many thanks for your input. Philippe
  5. I have an Anycubic I3 mega and a MK3S. I connect both without any problem via USB ( Windows 10 family version 1809) under Pronterface. I am out till end of the week. when back, I will check under CURA with your wonderfull Sidebar GUI. ( Did I say tks for it ?)
  6. Correct, the Sidebar GUI is working quite well and is very powerfull.
  7. Well. I un-install both versions 3.6.0 and 4.0.0 with "Revo uninstaller" to be sure to clear every things, and re-install 4.0.0 and 3.6.0. Miraculously, the section "support blocker" has reappeared on both sides. ouf :)
  8. He, tks for your answer. This was ok in 3.6 but not on my 4.0.0 version : Note that if I import 3MF file which include blocker from 3.6 , they are still working well. I may handle them in 4.0.0 without problem (copy ok) but can not create any new one What did I miss ? kind regards
  9. Sorry for this question, but where did you found the "support blocker" option in the new 4.0.0 version ? Tks
  10. powerfull job. I like the add-on. I am using it with 4.0.0 version. thanks a lot. one question : where is the "support bloker (E) " ?
  11. He, I am beginner using CURA 3.4.1 May i ask what is the relation between the wall thickness CURA parameter and the actual wall thickness as design into the STL file of my model ? I understand that the actual wall thickness (which can be different from one place to another in the same model ) is what I have design into my STL file. Ok. But why do I have to define again ONE wall thickness parameter inside CURA ? and which one ? May this CURA parameter modify the actual STL one ? Super tks have a nice day. Philippe
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