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  1. The authentication part is still a puzzle to me, though not blocking anymore. I have had the request about 10 times during my troubleshooting, especially when I restarted the WiFi setup. Only once I have seen that on the printer the question was visible that I needed to confirm the connection. In the other 9 cases the authorization was handled “automatically” without user interaction on the printer. As said, everything is working now and I haven’t had the request anymore.
  2. I realized finally that my router is able to transmit Wifi on both 2,4 and 5 GHz frequency with the same name of network and that most Apple and Android devices are well able to connect to both frequencies. When I changed the name of the 5 GHz WiFi Network into a different one, suddenly the printer can be monitored by both Cura on the MacBook as well as on the Android telephone. Print jobs can be stopped and paused without issues and printer is recognized when starting Cura. So simple, if you realize it. I expect that the Ultimaker printer is not able to connect to the 5 GHz network?
  3. Ten days after posting my question I have no reactions at all! What did I wrong? Wrong subject, wrong group, wrong wording, please advise?!I love the power of users, colleagues and friends and I really depended on it. In the meantime after one week of frustration and trouble shooting I have managed to solve the issue myself. It runs perfect now.
  4. I’m trying to get my Ultimaker 3 to work with my equipment. The first day the Ultimaker app on Android showed progress of the print very well, after this day in the next days no connection was possible anymore. Same with iOS app. One succesfull day, other attempts show no connection. Cura connect same on the MacBook. After resetting the Cura settings on the machines I mostly get the printer to work. But often not an I have to use the usb stick. The software says I need to approve the request on the printer (validation) but on the printer nothing is said and mostly after a new setup of the prin
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