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  1. I tried enabling just Compensate Wall Overlaps. That didn't help. Enabling Outer Before Inner Walls helped a bit but not completely. Best workaround so far is Retract on Layer Change + Retraction Extra Prime Amount to 1,5 mm3. 


    But I still can't find the Minimum Wall Flow setting. The only 'Wall Flow' I find is 'Bridge Wall Flow'.

  2. @obewan The suggestion to use Retract at Layer Change with Retraction Extra Prime Amount kinda helped. I had to set it to 1 mm3. However, the wall is thinner in the beginning (where layer starts) and ends thicker. 


    @gr5 At the moment I haven't enabled acceleration or jerk control. I have no idea what to try there really and in Slic3r acceleration is set to 0. It does look like it's using too much time changing layers like you suggest. It seems faster in Slic3r where I don't have this problem. I've already tried the Spiralize Outer Contour and it printed beautifully (except for the first 3 layers for some reason), but it's not something I can rely on for all kinds of prints obviously. The model is attached.


  3. Hi.


    I've made a small cylinder with 0.5 mm walls and I try to print it in Cura with my ProFab3D Mini V3 (essentially a Monoprice Select Mini v2). Unfortunately I'm getting under extrusion after every layer change. I'm trying layer heights at 0.3 and 0.35, changed layer width, z seam alignment, optimize wall printing order, different temperatures, different filament, different flow, different print speeds (usually try 20 mm/sec on outer wall), jerk, acceleration, disabled coasting, etc. Nothing seems to work.


    I've tried 4-5 different Cura versions, and 15.04.06 seems to not have this problem. However, when printing it in that version the width of the wall is thicker than it should be.


    And for some reason it prints beautifully in Slic3r, but with a more noticeable Z seam. The toolpath is different between Cura and Slic3r. Where Cura goes back and forth from the seam (after enabling Optimize Wall Printing Order), Slic3r prints in one direction round and round the circle.




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