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  1. OK, I just searched for and found your thread...Having just experienced what brunbjoern was dealing with.

    This is a simple problem with what should be an easy solution.  What is happening is the actual button which connects to the pot-post is sliding down along the shaft and eliminating the range of movement required by the push-throw.  What you need to do is go in behind the clear housing bucket through the access hole with a slender flat-edged tool and work the button back up off the shaft...and you may as well take it all the way off and shorten the sleeve on the button (or add a small ball bearing inside) so this cannot happen again, and re-install the button on the shaft.  And I might add, the button did NOT want to come off of that shaft easily... PATIENCE..will be required. Once I got the button off, I realized the spring pot switch worked just fine.


  2. 2 hours ago, gr5 said:

    too many retractions (this causes complete failure) - if you have too many retractions on the same piece of filament you can grind it to dust.  10 is usually safe.  20 is in the danger zone.  50 should guarantee failure.  You can tell cura to limit retractions to 10 per a given spot of filament.  Do this by setting "maximum retration count" to 10 and "minimum extrusion distance" to your retraction distance (4.5mm for UM2 and 6.5 for UM3).

         Thank you, this is huge as I am printing with wax on a U2!  Also do you know how to do a calibration print where the temp changes by layer, I am told thjis is a good first way to find the right temp..

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