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  1. Hey UM Team, I have a help request that I cant seem to get corrected. Recently when I try to print a part ( Cam - part for a manufacturing operation ) that I had previously printed successfully I get a grooves on my layers. Picture 1 shows the issue during print. Picture 2 shows a comparison of the same model printed previously with success. Picture 3 shows the part that was printing together with the failed part (You can see it in the back of the first picture). This part had no issues like the one Im having issues with. Picture 4 is a close up of the failure. This is very problematic due to the needed precision from this part as a cam follower goes around it and these grooves create vibration, wear and ultimately a non acceptable final product. I have attempted to print this once more time since with a different orientation and had the same result. I am using Ultimaker 3 default PC settings ( Speed toned down to 30 and in-fill to 95% ). I am also using breakaway material for support. Please let me know if you guys have suggestions. I appreciate the help.
  2. Hey All, In my latest print I had a new issue pop up that I am a bit stumped on. The picture is attached. This is ABS. Printed at 30mm/s. 235-240 Degrees. Ultimaker 3 Extended. The issue seemed to stop by itself which leaves me even more confused as to how it happened. There are other items that were printed on the side of this bracket which did not have issues on identical layers. Please let me know if you guys have thoughts or recommendations. Or if you have more questions about the settings printed at. Thank you!
  3. I will purchase some larger dessicant packs for the PVA and try it again after leaving it in an encolsed bag for a certain period of time. The black was Nylon. I reduced the speed and upped the temperature and it has resulted in substantially less zits and better print quality, thanks for the advice!.
  4. Hello All, In need of some serious help. Please let me know if i should split this into multiple threads. I recently started 3D printing with my Ultimaker 3 Ex and I have ran into quite a few issues with my first few prints. The first issue was when I tried printing with PVA support. The result is on the first few pictures attached. My assumption was a plugged nozzle so I cleaned everything and when on to try a different print. This was the second one attached which I aborted about 10-20% of the way through due to what I am assuming is either underextrusion or some other issue causing the PVA to not attach to itself. Both of these were done with a 0.4AA Nozzle and 0.2 Layer Height. I then decided to attempt the same prints again (Both the first and the second one). But run a test on Nylon support with it, I also wanted to try a quicker print so I went with a 0.8AA Nozzle and 0.4 Layer height. I know these are a lot of changes but I am really trying to learn my way around ideal centerlines through cause and effect. Even though it maintained most of its structural integrity this print had quite a few issue's which I dont fully understand. I attached pictures of this last print. It looks like overextrusion or mistakes, leaving a substantial amount of material around and a less than desirable general quality of print. Im at a loss on what I am doing wrong or what I am missing for all these prints. Any kind of help would be hugely appreciated. Thanks a ton.
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