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  1. 3 weeks? Sorry to say I have been waiting around 8-9 months since I filled out my form after my S5 arrived.
  2. I have printed some with PP and can confirm the issues with PP. Normally, PP does not adhere to the glass well, even with glue. When it does, it may warp along the bed contact area. One trick we have tried is to mask the bed off with packing tape, the clear kind. We found that some clear packing tape is made from PP and this allows for good adhesion. Its not a perfect solution, but it may help.
  3. Simão Manoel, The easier route may be to physically test your models according to some standard. Where I work, we occasionally perform tensile tests on specific plastic samples for chemical compatibility. I have been able to test small parts on the same tester in order to get an idea on the characteristics of the model or material. Are you wanting to vet out your model in simulation and then use the printed part or are you wanting to try and incorporate the gyroid fill into a manufactured part?
  4. Has anyone else had an issue with some of the plugin functionality in the new release? The Autodesk Inventor Integration does not appear to work for me. I tried re-installing CURA and nothing then I tried uninstalling the plugin but it spins for more than an hour. Is there any word on this if it is stable or not? I can export out of inventor but the integration previously available in CURA was much better for my workflow.
  5. @SandervG Do you have any info on who the partners are for the US? I haven't heard anything on our side yet about when the plate should arrive. Thanks,
  6. UMS5 +CURA 3.6.0 Does anyone know if CURA can handle more than one model at on the build-plate but with only one touching? I have a part where I want to extrude the main body in one color of ToughPLA and then another section in a 2nd color of ToughPLA. My part will have the base model on the build-plate and the 2nd model centered over the first but at about 2mm above. The two models are designed such that they nest together, so there are not any gaps or voids. The issue I am having is that CURA will not let me move the 2nd model above the build-plate. Every time I try, it snaps the model back to Z0. I can work around this by having the void in the 1st continue through the model, but it results in much more of the 2nd material being used. I assume I'm missing something since the sample print included with my S5 seems to depict what I am trying.
  7. @SandervG We greatly appreciate the update and look forward to the new glass plate. Our original plate has suffered a little from harsh removals, so a new one will help a lot. Thanks,
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