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  1. I printed with raft. The mainobject looks pretty good except for the burnt crumbles dragged in from the support. In the first layers there is no brittling at all. It starts somewhere at a hight of 5mm or something. From there on it is getting more and more. Material flow is at 108% retract length 6.5mm retract speed 30mm/s
  2. Thank you for your answer Nicolinux, the supportspeed is 20mm/s. I think that is slow enough. ?
  3. Hello everybody, I have some strange issues. I am trying to print some ABS parts. The part itself is looking good but I have some problems with the support structure. As you can see it starts to become brittle and burnt in some areas. The support is crumbling and sometimes it sticks to the printhead which, in the worst case, causes a failed print. I use Innofil ABS, print at 245/250°C and the heatbed is at 100°C, print speed is 45mm/s, 0.1mm layer and I use a 0.4mm nozzle. the cooling is on. Does anyone of you have an idea how to solve this problem? Thank you
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