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  1. Thank you for your help guys! I will put your instructions to test tonight, fingers crossed. @gr5 since you have experience in PCL printing, would you care to share with me some parameters like printing speed that are working best for you? Do you even heat the plate? So far I had someone else do it for me, but he always complains about how difficult it is to find the settings for a decent looking print. EDIT: I tried my first print, nozzle temperature was at 60°C, great. It also went to 200°C for purging as you predicted. However the printed layer did not stick to the plate, do you have any recommendation on how to deal with the plate? (heat it, coat it with glue, or else?)
  2. The printer. Is there a way of connecting the printer to cura in order to print my custom material? I defined the custom material on cura, all good, it even let me choose a printing temperature as low as 60°C. But now I want to print this file with these settings and therefore I have to load my filament on my UM3 printer, which already is not possible because my custom material does not appear on the printer interface (I usually put the prepared file from cura on my USB stick, then I put the stick into the printer). Am I missing something? Should the printer be linked with WLAN or LAN to a cura-operating computer in order to do this?
  3. So I save my project wit "save project", put it on my USB stick and load it onto my UM3? Because if I do this, I do not see the project file on the printer interface..or how do you transfer it to your printer?
  4. Dear Community I have read some similar discussions about the issue of adding custom materials in Cura and then not be able to choose those materials on the UM3 printer. In my specific case, I defined a custom material for my PCL filament at 60°C extrusion temperature on Cura, but I cannot choose it on my UM3 as a printing material. I read on some threads that I could instead copy a similar existing material, unfortunately there is no existing material that is remotely close to PCL in behaviour. Anyways I have not found a way that my custom material or something similar is transferred to the UM3. Did someone have a similar issue or can maybe someone from Ultimaker comment on this issue of transferring custom materials to UM3? Many thanks
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