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  1. I've also deleted all the settings from \Users\...\AppData\. Now at least I can control the infill amount from the "Recommended" tab, but everything else is still broken.
  2. Yeah - it's every model. I've just upgraded to 3.4.1 and on my previous version - 2.7 - it also worked fine. I've noticed other settings don't work either: Infill Density, Infill Pattern, Wall Thickness, Wall Line Count. The list of settings that work is shorter than those that don't. Changing profiles doesn't help. Even when I switch to recommended settings, I can't change infill density, only layer height and build plate adhesion. I re-installed Cura and it hasn't helped.
  3. Hi, I've come back to 3D printing after a break of a few years and I've started using Cura 3.4.1. I'm having a problem whereby it seems the slicer is ignoring certain settings I choose. The ones I noticed were secifically: Top/Bottom Line Direction and Bottom Layers. Regardless what I set them to, Cura seems to just use the defaults. Check out the attached pictures. Am I misunderstanding some feature of the interface? Thanks for any help.
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