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  1. Hey people, thanks for your infos! TBH I don't want to invest a lot of work in my UMO, I want to build a new one. What head I will use I won't decide now, the zero gravity extruder definitely looks very interesting. The Duet3D also looks very promising, but id rather see this as an upgrade since it is indeed a little pricey. I want to keep the Clone as "Original" als possible. My problem with the Ultimaker 2 ist the Sandwich build-structure. The different panels have different holes. I got my quote for Watercutting the printer which is quite reasonable. 200€. Now I have to decide if I want to build a UMO Clone or build an extended version.
  2. Hello, i own a UMO and have been using it a lot. It is around for quite some years and has developed a few issues. The Hot end is kind of worn, the fan assembly is bad, the Rods are bent and there is no heated bed. The acrylic bed has been punished alot and is a mess. I like everything about the Ultimaker so i do not want to switch to another printer. Long story short i want to source all the parts myself and build a Ultimaker Original (+) from scratch. The panels will be watercut from 6mm aluminium. I also thought about Building the Ultimaker 2 Extended while im at it, but believe it may be more trouble to build, the panels i guess is a small problem here. Any comments on this? I plan on using TMC1200 steppers, so i have to go with the 1.5.7 Version motherboard-Design, correct? Then the Ulitmaker 2 Extended idea would not be possible, right? Since it uses the newer board with the stepper controllers soldered on to the board. In general i like the idea more of a modular system and not everything packed onto one PCB. These are my first Ideas for the rest of the printer: - E3D V6 Hotend with two Dual 40mm fans (with the option for titan aero direct extruder, sometimes i print rubber filament) - GT2 belts - bowden extruder but know idea yet what exactly - DIY heated bed, i have not found anything except the original upgrade kit which seems not the be existing anymore. - No dual Extruder Problems i dont have any idea for yet: - Sourcing the Rods. they dont seem to be available anywhere. Worst case i have to get them custom made. - Motherboard in general. I tend to use the 1.5.7 version. The 2.1.4 cant have the steppers changed, and i dont know if there is any trouble with a DIY heated bed on that board. Comments on this? - Heated Bed DIY builds, any good ideas to this? I am really thankful for any comments or ideas. A few thing hold very little information to read about, maybe i am missing something out entirely. Cheers, Moddler
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