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  1. Because I don't have that much jobs to do, but quality is more of a concern, I normally transfer my file using a USB device and print from that. Big advantage is also keeping multiple versions of the thing in parallel. As I had to do multiple things now, I connected a switch and told Cura to print over the network. After 15 minutes (!) it was still transfering the print-file (241 KB) :-) Activity Monitor tells me Cura is eating a large amount of CP{U time...
  2. I do use OS X..... When can I expect this new version?
  3. I experience the Cura host software as very slow in doing anything and very un-responding. My gut-feeling recognizes this as a sort of time-out for some (repetitive) action or similar. As I don't have ny machine connected directly (transfering a file via an USB-stick is OK for me so I physically seperated slicing from printing, no network in between), This behaviour of Cura is very annoying. I looked through the preference settings but I didn't find some seeting like that. Is this proper behaviour or is something wrong in the set-up?
  4. Did anyone follow up and produced a recipe for others on how to proceed in the networking configuration and may be has a description available? Browsing around I do see a lot of questions and only a few answers. I stumbled in the same problem and my camera is dropping out every other print. And yes: I can fix that, dig-up the new IP-address the printer has itself assigned to, put that in again. This set-up is apparantly a little crappy, best way to fix it is assigning a fixed address, also on WiFi. Regards, Wim (S5).
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