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  1. Thanx for the comments. The PLA was just out of the box. Everyone say speed what is the parameter that we have to modify to slow down the speed. Anyone have a setup for this type of print with slim wall it will be appreciate.
  2. Hello everyone, Having problems since de beginning. We try 0.4mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm print head and we still have horizontal line and blobs on the vertical wall. We use recommended setup in cura. We use the last update and still have this problems. 4.4.1 What are the solution for revolving this problems, the photo is printed with a 0.6mm head print and we use Ultimaker PLA at 55$ a 750g We are very desappointed by the quality of the print
  3. We struggling a lot with the quality result. Printing with ultimaker tough Pla and the result is so bad. We are printing with the ultimaker setup with a 0.4 AA and at fast 0.2mm and it take 13 hours to print. Very very very disappointed for the machine price and the result. If have print at 0.15mm the result is not very much better and it take 26 hours. By the way this is not the only print. All the print, have bad quality result having lines or blobs. For 8000$ dollars :( :( Architect office
  4. Tomorrow monday we will contact the reseller. We put 10K $ canadian dollard on this printer
  5. Hello everyone, We had a very bad situation with the S5 . We start a 14 hours print and the beginning when very well but something happen. The bed was at the bottom and the print head at the top with a broken y axe. The printer is in very bad shape 😞. We have UM3 extended since almost 2 year and we this S5 since september.
  6. We have 3 iMac and cura 3.6 is working, but very slow.
  7. We didn't try to print on the UM3 and S5 yet but the software is more fluid.
  8. 3.5.1 is working well on mac :)
  9. Mac version the software is lagging a lot. I will have to reinstall version 3.4.1 ?
  10. Can i use my UM3+ print core on the new UMS5 Thanx
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