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  1. Yes 8 colors is usually good enough. I just was thinking that was a limit of Cura but now it doesn't appear to be a limit. Cura seems to do a good job slicing so trying to take advantage of all that and just add the mixture information as part of a plugin. Assigning a mixture for each virtual extruder, it makes it easy to track the color by the tool in the Gcode Here is a sample video from the company. I'm not sure what they used but don't think it was Cura and they may have just altered some Gcode. I have been working to just make Cura an easy alternative to use.
  2. kmanstudios - yes, your understanding is correct
  3. Here is an example we have been working with - you'll notice the 8 extuders being different mixtures
  4. We are working to setup a more colorful world! I am working with the M3D Quad Fusion to use a Cura and a plugin I wrote to allow the 4 extruder trains to be controlled allowing mixtures of filament for multiple defined extruders. The Quad Crane printer is just being released now, or you can just get the print head. The idea is we are essentially defining virtual extruders in Cura but there is really there is only one physical extruder. My github plugin is at https://github.com/ketterrm/Illuminati-Mixer - it is very basic, but seems to work to get 8 mixtures. The post processing plugin is taking the tool and redefining it in terms of a CMYK color mixture. I've been able to get 8 colors out successfully and was trying to figure out if that was a limitation of Cura - but seems not so that's good. If you are interested in a referral discount which helps out my students, message me. Just can't post here! Thanks @ahoeben for the info- I'll look into that!
  5. TWe're past 8 extruders and need some more. If it s a simple change we would be able to utilize it.
  6. In Cura 3.4.1 there is a limit of 8 extruders. Can we increase this current limit somewhere in the current version or make more extruders available in a future version (24 would be a nice step up).?
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