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  1. I am running a Mac. I have several profiles I have developed. I just opened Cura 3.4.1 for the hundredth+ time and the profiles I normally use are not shown. Does Cura put the custom profiles in a "special" place on the Hard Drive so that I can go open them and use them?
  2. Yellowshark, I am not sure what you mean by "fix the problem". Any help very much appreciated! Joe
  3. I am not too sure that the header is an accurate description of what I am asking. I am underextruding and I was wondering if I changed the filament "diameter" under "Material/diameter" option in 3.4.1 whether that would cure the problem instead of messing with the esteps. I have seen a bunch of YouTube videos on calibrating esteps and I know how to get the % over or under but none of the YouTube videos I have found tell you WHAT TO DO once you get this number. I assume that there is a gcode that needs to be inserted somewhere but the videos don't show how to do that for my printers. I have 2 Ender3's and one CR-10S. I guess what I am asking is will changing the diameter setting be a way to "cheat" and not have to go through the estep calibration thing.
  4. My extruder is only outputting 95.8mm of filament instead of 100mm that I run through it. This is on an Ender3 printer. How do I tell Cura to make up the difference? Can I do it somehow in the "Start" gcode section in Cura. Can anybody help me with the math?
  5. Go to Settings in top bar of Cura, Click "printer", Go to "manage printers", Go to "machine settings", then click the "heated bed" box. In case you are wondering how I know this, I asked the same question about a year ago! Don't be afraid to ask questions, we all had to start somewhere and 3D printing can be overwhelming at times and the simplest things that seem monumental stumbling blocks to a beginner are easily addressed by those of us that have been where you are now and are willing to help.
  6. Thanks for the info. I will do that and I appreciate you taking time to help me. It is members like you that restore my faith in humanity. I got "flamed" a couple of times on some other unnamed forums for asking questions that were pretty simple but at the time I was so new I didn't even know how to search for answers on the forums because I didn't know the nomenclature. About 90% of the people that responded to my questions were patient and understanding but 10% (who had forgotten that they were newbies at one time) gave me a hard time for not doing a search. My uncle Joe told me one time that one of the things you could count on in life it that "that there are a lot more horses asses than there are horses" I hope you have a great long weekend. Joe
  7. I printed it with one of the "stock" Cura settings and the wall wasn't there so it must be something I have set wrong in the "custom" profile I have compiled for the 3mf I attached above Thanks, Joe
  8. This is the 4th print where the "skirt" is following the print all of the way to the top. It has to be something I have set wrong in CURA. Joe
  9. Hey, and by the way, thanks for your help. Joe
  10. OK I think I got a picture of what is happening. It is doing it on the 3rd print tonight too. Draft shield is NOT checked! Be merciful, I am going on 74 years old:>)
  11. I will take some pictures. Thanks, Joe
  12. That wasn't it. It just started doing it on the last 2 prints. It just grows as the part grows and is about 2 to 3 lines wide. Any other suggestions. Thanks for your help! Joe
  13. For some reason, my "skirt" continues to print as high as the overall height of my total print!!!! It has only done this for the last 2 prints, I guess I have done something wrong recently. Please be gentle, I am 73 years old and just starting with Cura, Thanks, Joe
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