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  1. As near as I can tell, the center of the right nozzle to the center of the left nozzle is 33mm. If I go to the outside edge of the nozzle opening left to right is just shy of 33.4mm. These are hand measurements with an electronic caliper.
  2. Are you saying S3D is Simplify3D? Sorry, I come from the days when things were spelled out... having initials for everything is a bit beyond me. I blame RAM and ROM... it all went downhill from there. Yes, Simplify3D does say it covers and works with both printers. I just don't have the $150 for the software program right now. And after working with the WanHao software, it's not insurmountable. I'll probably end up using two programs to start until I can either get Cura to work with the Duplicator 4 and Ender 2, or I'll spring for the Simplify3D program. It's my impression that a LOT of these "YouTube-Guys" who demo 3D printers and printing use it since it works across all the printers they have. Makes sense. The part I'm waiting for arrives shortly, once I get the physical Duplicator up and running, I'll start on working on its programming. So, probably back in a few days.
  3. Yes, I've used the Wanhao Duplicator 4s setting, but it is a single extruder profile and why have a dual extruder printer when you can only use one extruder?? I've chosen to attempt to create my own, which is almost what I did for the Ender 2 which brought me into the Cura world in the first place. I chose the Ultimaker "Original Dual Extruder" with a dual extruder, and am currently swapping out the G-code and settings with everything I can glean from everyone I've run across with the actual settings for the Duplicator 4. I can't try it out until Monday when a part arrives I need to make the printer operational (a support broke in shipping). I believe the native Cura has an export function that will already allow you to save your files to an X3G format, or maybe I've already downloaded and installed that plugin; sometimes you just keep throwing spaghetti at the wall and hope it sticks. If I get it up and working, I'll post it here and on Facebook in the Wanhao user's group. I really like the idea of clicking a button and changing the filament color mid printing, should add some zest to the whole deal, eh?
  4. I have the same situation. A friend sent me a Wanhao Duplicator 4, basically unused. I'm familiar with Utlimaker's Cura and currently am up and flying on a Creality Ender 2. Waiting for a part so I'm attempting to find a way to utilize the dual extrusion for print jobs and would rather not pay for Simplify3D if I don't have too. Though they advertise they support both printers and I've heard some good things about it from Shane Fuga on YouTube. So any help would be greatly appreciated.
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