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  1. Hi people, I tried printing a bency on my new ender 3 v2 an noticed something weird. There is a difference in the layers. Where the bottom ones are a bit more rough and the ones above very smooth. I looked at the model in cura and it apears to be a slicing issue. Here is the result on the 3D print And here it shows the layers after slicing in Cura. Does anyone have an idea on how to solve this? I fiddled around a bit but it showed every time. Below are my slicer settings.
  2. Problem is still not resolved.... Anyone recomendations for other slicers? Don't think there will be a solution anytime soon since it's been 2 years allready...
  3. Yes i red this too. If it keeps hapening even with the doors open i will try that. But for now it is printing fine, only when it becomes to warm it seems to be happening
  4. So i got this new roll of pla from Real. It prints pretty good overall. But it latly my prints became quite brittlr. Especially the suports and infill. Sides were fine. It seems to be due to the temperature in my printer case. When the doors were closed it printed brittle but when open the lines became solid again. Is there anyone who can confirm or knows why this migjt hapens? Thanks
  5. thanks for the tips! i printed the model at 0.2mm and left the dors of my printer case open so it would be cooler in there. that did the trick and the print came out fine
  6. I print with 1,75mm PLA, a fan speed of 100% after the first layer and i hade a raft as build plate adhesion. Since the surface touching the bed is quite small in contrast to the rest of the moddel. I also tried a brim.
  7. Hi, latly when i am printing models with a slight overhang, the sides of the model become verry messy and seem to sorta colaps. when this overhang is less, i have absolutly no problem at all. it almost looks like over extrusion but this seemed kinda weird to me since the other prints printed fine. I also tested allreay if my extruder was calibrated correctly and it was. I included 3 pictures of failing parts and 2 of one that works perfectly fine. Has anyone a idea what the problem and solution may be? thanks
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