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  1. Yes, had such issues too. What worked for me was to increase the "support horizontal expansion" setting, making sure to have proper support brims, and to reduce support Z distance to 0, and support horizontal distance close to zero (just to not mix ASA with BVOH during printing), and finally give it a tight enough support roof.
  2. Yes, exactly. That print core is also the required configuration in the BVOH material definition GitHub - flyinggorilla/ultimaker-s5: Ultimaker S5 Materials Management Tool and FormFutura Materials And in case you use S3 than you found a bug in material definition, that I just fixed. The S3 machine setting had wrong AA print core defined for S3. You can download the updated material file now. Thanks for pointing that out. FG
  3. I had huge PVA problems on both S5 Pro Bundle and S3. I used Ultimaker PVA, tried FormFutura Helios PVA, but after one or the other successful print the nozzle got such clogged that it would stop working after a few layers even after properly cleaning with cleaning filament and pull method. Also the PVA would get grinded at the feeder (of course when the nozzle clogs). I tried drying of the PVA material, I opened fresh/new Ultimake PVA filament and still kept having issues. After these frustrations, I switched over to Ultimaker breakaway filament, which is easy to handle, but does
  4. The marketplace version of ApolloX doesnt support Material station sadly. If you need it for the UMS5 pro bundle then download the material profile from github where I manage several profiles of FormFutura materials I use for my prints https://github.com/flyinggorilla/ultimaker-s5
  5. maybe switching to BVOH water dissolvable material helps. its more expensive, but first impression is it's worth the money. see my other post here....
  6. I struggle(d) a lot with PVA (regardless of Ultimaker PVA or FormFutura Helios) that the BB 0.4 extruder would always clog - despite dried material, even new out-of-vacuum-bag material. On both, UMS3 and UMS5 with material station. FormFutura's BVOH dissolvable support material seems to be better, at least first results are very promising. I printed BVOH in combination with my favorite material ASA for my technical parts I mostly use outdoors flawlessly. FormFutura ApolloX ASA is UV and water stable, yet robust, temperature stable and super easy to print. And i was amazed that the
  7. Formfutura cardboard spool adapter for UM S3 and S5 I print all my outdoor parts with FormFutura ApolloX (ASA) on Ultimaker. This material is just too great in terms of thermal, mechanical, UV and water resistance, while printing super easy like PLA. However, formfutura switched from plastic spools to cardboard spools and the latter get stuck on the UM S3 and S5 spool holders. (no issue so far on S5 material station). Hence i created a little adapter with which the cardboard spool works fine again. See here on grabcad or thingiverse: https:
  8. Hi Kenny, I bought an S3 in addition to my S5 Bundle and wondered why my profiles wouldnt show up on the S3. Reason was that i forgot to update the machine data for S3 compatibility. So as a first idea for you, i would check the machine settings of your profile and see whether it properly states identification for S5. <machine_identifier manufacturer="Ultimaker B.V." product="Ultimaker S5" /> If that doesnt work, then first try my Apollo X i have on github, upload and see whether that shows up. From there you can update your custom material using
  9. This problem is still there also with Cura 4.6.1. The print failed on my S5 right after completing the print of the first part. Also the slicer shows weird lines as you can see in the screenshot. I suspect that this visualizes the improper gcode. I would appreciate a fix. especially with small parts like those in the screenshot this helps a ton. thanks!
  10. Hi all! while the material station is great, the S5 firmware is seriously flawed to not allow selection of the color for a 3rd party material that doesnt have the NFC based color info. Not even the official partner material that is available on Ultimaker marketplace like FormFutura ApolloX can be used out-of-the box with material-station due to this lack of color selection problem. The Problem: firmware does not show color variants of materials, despite providing a unique GUID <name> <brand>FormFutura</brand> &l
  11. In addition to great Ultimaker material, I do use several FormFutura materials. Happily there is now on the Cura marketplace my favorite AppolloX material to download. However, for other materials I use my upload tool that pushes the material profile XML via HTTP to the printer. Dont know whether this works for UM3 too. Those material profiles are matched with the UUID in the XML between printer and cura. https://github.com/flyinggorilla/ultimaker-s5
  12. Small python tool that helps adding 3rd party material to Ultimaker S5 on-display material type selection. https://github.com/flyinggorilla/ultimaker-s5 I do like the NFC enabled Ultimaker filaments and I am impressed how easy printing with the Ultimaker S5 can be. However, ordering filament through third party vendors is always a challenge, because they usually have only a fraction of filaments in their stores. Also do my use cases go beyond Ultimaker filament material types. So i complement Ultimaker material now primarily with FormFutura material (they have a great o
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