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  1. Small python tool that helps adding 3rd party material to Ultimaker S5 on-display material type selection. https://github.com/flyinggorilla/ultimaker-s5 I do like the NFC enabled Ultimaker filaments and I am impressed how easy printing with the Ultimaker S5 can be. However, ordering filament through third party vendors is always a challenge, because they usually have only a fraction of filaments in their stores. Also do my use cases go beyond Ultimaker filament material types. So i complement Ultimaker material now primarily with FormFutura material (they have a great online store, and DimaFix is a great adhesion liquid). Just for completeness, material cost is not the key reason for me to use 3rd party material, as NFC comfort is absolutely worth the money. So this tool is using the S5 REST interface to upload .fdm_material types. You can create materials in Cura, but those dont work due to wrong machine name. The tool checks for that and tells you to fix it in the .fdm_material definition. However, once you have the material on the printer and in cura with the same material name, then you dont get the warning of incompatible materials anymore. @Ultimaker what really would be helpful is a description of the XML schema, especially the various settings attributes as the Cura documentation is not sufficient. e.g. settings like retract compensation, surface energy, adhesion tendency, flow sensor detection margin and retract compensation, … and for sure more are not documented. At least i couldn't find the doc. Thanks for creating such great printers and great Cura software. FG
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