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  1. I would like to thank for the wonderful work done on the firmware. Installed 18.11.1 on um2+ with bondtech and all works great.
  2. Thanks geert. I looked at the Z axis and cleaned it. It has a little play (about 2mm) of upward. I don't know if this can be a problem. You are right about the bottom. Was one of my first print.
  3. Hello Daniel, it's not really what you're looking for but try to see here:
  4. I don't see nothing wrong in cura and if I rotate the object I always get the same result. I got same result with my object and also with a lot of thingiverse object. I'm thinking that maybe it could be the head bearing on the Y axis... maybe.. I really don't know. About speed, I print at these speeds: Infill: 28 Wall:28 Outer Wall:19 Inner Wall: 28 Top/bottom:28 You think I'm too fast? Acceleration and jerk as default. Thanks.
  5. Hello, I can not improve the print on one side. With all the prints I've done, with various filaments (pva, abs, cpe+) and different settings of cura, I always find that the faces on the X axis have lines while on the Y axis I would say that goes much better. I always thought it was a problem on the Y axis and so I checked the play and re-aligned the axes several times, but I could not get any improvement. What could it be? Attached one of the first prints I made with um3, the wall is very thin and with white you can see more clearly. Thanks. X:
  6. Hi gr5, thanks a lot for your help, I really appreciate it. I will try what you suggested me. You are right, I don't have a problem with printing object, in any case I would like to fix it. Many Thnaks.
  7. Hi Smithy, nice to see you again! Did you see my video? I know what you mean but I don't think this is my case.
  8. Hi, on my UM3 when I printing at temperatures of the Heated Bed more than 60 degrees, I have an oscillation of the temperature about to 5 degrees in a short time (about 1 second). The oscillation occurs only during the printing of certain parts such as external walls or when changes of direction. I checked the resistance of the printing bed like this guide: and they seem correct I have no other ideas on what to check. Thnaks for your help. Video: BedTemp.zip
  9. I just solved the problem. It was the axial fan. Thanks. AxialFan.zip
  10. Thanks for your answer @dxp.
  11. Where can I find some documentation on how to disassembly UM3 print head? I need to check if my sound come from it. Thanks for you help. Sound.zip
  12. Thanks @redslifer. I had improvements by increasing the cooling time
  13. Yes I tried a cylinder (20x20). it's smaller than about 0.25 (but this is normal with rays, I think or I always had this difference) and the circumference is not perfect. About 0.13mm of tolerance. But I need to understand better how works cura, I used idea maker with my other printer. The object have z seam I think it is difficult to measure. Yes you are right, 0.1 was smaller then 0.1mm. I Just correct this adjusting the print temperatures and flow. About Z I'm interested in difference from 10 to 100. Measurements over 70 have confused me. Yes I'm happy ? with
  14. Thanks Sanderv for your answer I really appreciated it. Sorry me if at this time I can't share what I need to produce. My first prototype will soon be ready and at that moment I will be able to share the project. I hope to arrive about 50 microns, do you believe it is possible? With x and y I'm fine now, my 3 testing object, cube20x20, step-xyz (100x100x50, 100x100x50) are in order: (no step modification - no horizontal expasion. All default cura settings, only change speed.) x:20.01, y:20.05, z:20.0 x:100.0,y:100.05, z:50.08 x:50.0, y:50.07, z:50.08. Prin
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