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  1. hi, im having the same problem. the ultimaker controller doesn't allow me to do what Tinkergnome suggests. did you get to the bottom of it? thanks
  2. Brilliant. Thanks a lot for sharing. I know for a fact the ext1 and ext2 cables match as I messed around with them as well. Cool. I'll get right on to that. Best of luck and happy printing
  3. Hey, No I never did. I put it aside and started another ongoing project. If it's still on warranty you could get a new one sent out. Mine isn't. But if you do I'd love to know the outcome before I shell out 200plus for the new controller.
  4. thanks. yeah ive done it all. tried variations. still no good.
  5. hi thanks for the reply. its an original plus. i havent got another power cable. you think i should shop for one?
  6. hi plesae im at wits end. the ultimaker controller only displays blocks. no writing. all the cables are good. could it be faulty?
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