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  1. For example, I can slice with PLA+PVA and it's fine. If I keep all of the settings the same but choose CPE+PVA, it shows the issue at layer 14. I attached the 3mf files as well as screenshots of a problematic layer for both materials. Here is also a YouTube video: Here are a summary of my changes for the default settings for the "normal" 0.15mm layer height: Support-> Generate Support: (Yes) Support Extruder: Extruder 2 Support Z Distance: 0mm. Build Plate Adhesion-> Build Plate Adhesion Type: Skirt Du
  2. From the X-ray view there seem to be no problems at all with the model. If I scale the model by 2x (200%) in Z the issue goes away, so it seems that it's a rounding error? There is an option "Support Interface Resolution" but lowering it from 0.3mm doesn't change anything. I'd appreciate if you'd download the model and try slicing it at 0.1mm or 0.15mm layer height for PLA+PVA dual extrusion targeting an Ultimaker 3. I think you'll see what I mean, and if not, I'd like to know exactly what settings you use!
  3. I think there is a bug in Cura... would someone from Ultimaker please confirm this? While single material extrusion comes out as expected, dual material extrusion (dissolvable support) causes problems with the build material (not support material). It causes the "top surface" layers right underneath the support to be treated as infill instead of a solid area. This problem manifested with both PLA + PVA, and CPE + PLA. I attached a photograph of the a "Print In Place Gravitational Hook" printed part with the problem that was PLA + PVA, as well as screenshots of the relev
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