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  1. TommyDee

    Is there a way to change precision?

    I've posted the enhancement request at GetHub for an entry field validation. I'm perfectly fine with the micron level precision now that I know.
  2. TommyDee

    Is there a way to change precision?

    It is a matter of completeness in the UI. I have a pet peeve in in that direction coming from that ilk. Some people care about that 0.5mm. A 1,000 layers is an every day thing under fine settings. I could go on but it isn't worth the wasted bits in the cyber universe. Just leave it to say that it would be a fit-n-finish enhancement request.
  3. TommyDee

    Is there a way to change precision?

    I got it. Obviously I am trying to mimic a known profile. It does surprise me that I didn't get a warning when I entered 0.1925 as a layer thickness and it allowed the entry. A simple UI fix would make this clear up front. Where do we submit ongoing bug fixes and enhancements?
  4. TommyDee

    Is there a way to change precision?

    Bummer. That means the layer height field(s) should probably be limited to 3 digits as well. I wouldn't have known without dissecting the gcode output.
  5. TommyDee

    Problems with Win7 workstation and Win10 laptop

    Something is really fighting me on this journey. Adding a mouse to the mix helps zooming with the scroll wheel. ...Once I got the lint out of the scroll wheel. But this laptop only has one USB port and running Cura means limited battery life! Looks like I need to buy a bluetooth mouse to get around in Cura and have the charger in place. 😐
  6. I know the arguments against but you have to trust me that there is a reason for asking... I have a 4-digit layer height of 0.1925mm which Cura accepts as a layer height. And if it cannot change the precision, how does Cura deal with the cumulative error?... bummer! Lets see... From the output file: 0.442-.25=.192 .634-0.442=.192 .826-.634=.192 Therefore it is obvious the error is cumulative rather than a simple rounding. How do I make the G-code output from Cura provide 4 digits for the Z value rather than 3 for G1 calls?
  7. TommyDee

    1st layer Z-value...?

    duh!... Found it. It's just a setting.
  8. TommyDee

    1st layer Z-value...?

    Crumb! Wrong sub-category... moderators, please move to Cura.
  9. TommyDee

    1st layer Z-value...?

    I noticed that my Gcode file has a first layer Z-value of 0.500. How does Cura acquire this value? Does it provide a default gap compensation or is it a hard setting somewhere... or is it derived from something else? TYIA
  10. TommyDee

    3D Systems interest?

    I have a horde of 3D Systems Cube 3rd generation printers. Yep, a closed bfb printer. But I have to tell you, from the lack of control, the default slicer is not too bad. They use an absolutely minimal set of commands to do a lot of good things for your print quality. And so far, it is a faithful slicer! When 3D Builder connected the Cube 3 to MS Windows, again, 3D Systems provides the slicer engine. Pretty much identical with a strange ABS advantage. I've been looking at the decoded Cube3 files. There really is no magic behind the actual print file. The BfB command set is absolutely minimal, with some unfortunate customization... again, minimal. Most the header and footer commands can be managed with the printer settings for pre and post. Many can be managed after the fact with the post processing scripts. For instance, for some reason, M228 has an Snnn value attached... M227 Pnnn Snnn has a spare Gnnn and Fnnn attached and undefined. M104 is used for both M104 and M109... In this case, M104 Snnn "P1" is the same as M104 Snnn, but M104 Snnn is the same as M109 - wait for temp okay. There are a few other calls like M240 X/Y/S (step n on axis?) and M601 which seem to be predefined firmware positions. Again, a lot of this is managed in the header/footer data only so this should be easy. At the bare minimum, I know I can make Cura give up the 3D location data to manually hash in Excel or something... But I'd like to know if there are people here interested in coming up with some kind of profile to make this printer play nicely with Cura. I have enough background to do a quick start on development.
  11. First of all I am a beginner on Cura but not 3D CAD, STL generation, or 3D printing. And as for CAD, I run a certified laptop workstation. My CAD requires certified graphics drivers. The computer is a Lenovo P70 w/ M4000 NVidia, Win 7 pro and 1080 native monitor. Cura 3.4.1 will not show me the top line menu. I didn't even know there was a menu when I had 3.2.1 loaded and gave up in Cura pretty quick as you might imagine. Along comes a Lenovo Yoga book win 10 version. It runs Cura 3.4.1 okay and whalla! MENU! WoW! But its under-powered of course... But I can use it... sort of. Problems I have with a hybrid notebook is the absolute lack of touchscreen consideration for even the basic function of zooming. Add to that the fact that this notebook fails to do ctrl-combo keys (that's on Lenovo!), I cannot even use the ctrl-PgUp! So I am in between a rock and a hard place. Any advice that will solve my workstation issue without killing my CAD? Or a bug fix for making tablets useful? Seriously, I can't get past zooming into the model right now on both platforms! In all, this is already sounding like a really poor 1st impression. In fact, this is a third impression and still having trouble warming up to this code. Am I the only one with this much UI trouble? Is there any long term plan to implement touch screen? Now that I have a menu, I have to mouse to it to select anything in a sub-menu! Seriously, HELP! ...yet another computer is not an option.
  12. TommyDee

    Changing Cura generated start code

    Thanks ahoeben. You Rock! That's exactly what I was looking for :)
  13. TommyDee

    Changing Cura generated start code

    Can someone kindly point me to a list of all the allowable "variables" that can be used in .json files? I am assuming the " {material_print_temperature} " is still considered a variable... that is what I am referring to. Thanks

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