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  1. Thanks for the ideas, I've had z-hop turned off for a while, still messing with retraction speeds and amounts to see if I can find the right amount.
  2. Trying to lock in miniature settings for a summer DnD camaign and I'm having issues with stringing and print blobs. I'm using a cheap printer(monoprice makerselect 3D) and a .4mm nozzle, so I'm not expecting the highest quality but I have seen better with the same printer. Below are pictures of the print pre and post supports as well as the print profile I used. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Mini Profile.curaprofile
  3. Hello again, I'm trying to lock in some details with printing low quality minis and I'm having a few issues. The first is that I added another model to add layer time for the top of the print, and cura added printed lines between them, I'm pretty sure it's just some setting I need to change but I can't find it. The second is that it is missing layers of the print, I don't know what is going on there. Thanks
  4. Thank you, I was worried that was the problem.
  5. I'm using Cura 3.4.1 and am having trouble with the slicing of a miniature I'm trying to print. I posted pictures, one of the solid view of what it's supposed to look like, and one with the layer view. Notice how it's leaving gaps and you can see the supports underneath. I was able to print this before but somewhere along the way in trying to refine the process it's gotten messed up. size is 43x 38y 68z in mm Thanks
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