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  1. Can you think of a reason why the unit would skip heating up the nozzle and bed before starting a print? And I mean completely skip it, as soon as I select the file to be printed it raises the build plate and moves the print head into position for printing. It's never done this before.
  2. Hi- Yes, I previously had problems with the print bed and just ended up replacing the whole print bed. I was actually wondering if it isn't the print bed again, that is the issue. I believe that the nozzle won't start heating up until the print bed is at 170, is that right? So if the print bed doesn't heat up, or somehow gets skipped over in the beginning operations of a print, then the nozzle won't either. Maybe.... No I have no tried to control the printer using Pronterface. I have no experience with Pronterface.
  3. hi, I could use some help. I'm using an UM2+. I went to print the other day and the feeder motor wouldn't turn on to advance my material. Then I noticed that the nozzle and the print bed were not even heating up. I went into Maintenance and was able to manually heat up both the nozzle and the print bed to confirm that they are working. Then I opened up the bottom of the printer to confirm that all wires are well connected, nothing unseated, etc. The machine will let me run a print file, but when I ask it to run a file, it completely skips heating the print bed & nozzle, and so both re
  4. Hello, I'm getting a Heat Bed Sensor error (ER02) on my Ultimaker 2+. I went through the steps of check cable connections, and swapped the TEMP 1 and TEMP 3 connections to troubleshoot the problem. When I put the heat bed sensor into TEMP 1 and try to heat the nozzle, the error result is> Error Stopped Temp Bed Sensor When I put PT100 into TEMP 3 and try to heat the bed, the error result is>Error Stopped Temp Sensor What does this mean...? All the connections and wires look fine. Nothing seems loose. Need this printer working. Please
  5. Thanks for getting back to me. I have attached a close up pic (as close as I can get with my crappy camera), and I pic of the settings used. What is ringing?
  6. Hello, I am having trouble with my Ultimaker 3x. I recently did a firmware update and am wondering if it is the cause...? I have attached a photo of two prints, same object file, same material, two different printers. The object on the right was printed using my Ultimaker 2x, the left object was printed using the Ultimaker 3X. The one on the right is smooth, one on the left is wavy. Same material, same file. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for your help.
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