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  1. I am also having problems with Tree supports not supporting everything that needs support. I am attaching the project file, a 3mf of the design, and the gcode produced, but Cura 4.8.0 crashes whenever I output the project, so I don't know if it is valid, so I am including a screenshot of my support settings as well...

    There is a row of identical openings, only some of which get their top edge supported (ideally, I wouldn't want any of them to have support, the bridging of the printer is more than sufficient to handle this case, but I don't expect the support code to know that) and the angled opening on the side in the screenshots clearly requires support, but doesn't have any

    Screenshot from 2021-04-06 19-32-37.png

    Screenshot from 2021-04-06 19-27-56.png

    my-extractor.3mf my-extractor-debug-project.3mf my-extractor-support_tree_broken.gcode

  2. 4.8.0 release is out, and it has a couple of things that fix the benchy issue. There is a fix for a bug in the simplification code, and the other is an increase in the default mesh fixes values. I believe that is necessary because of longstanding bugs in how that was implemented. The benchy now is MUCH better (although I think the mesh fixes change rounds out the edgew of the door frames a bit)

    Maximum Resolution = .25

    Max travel resolution = .25

    Maximum Deviation = .025


  3. On 10/30/2020 at 12:00 AM, GregValiant said:

    Under Mesh Fixes -

    Maximum Resolution = .8

    Max travel resolution = .8

    Maximum Deviation = .025.


    Those are some of the changes made to the Creality profiles in 4.8beta.  They make a big difference.

    Did any of those change from 4.6.2 to 4.7.0? I would like to know how it broke in the first place. I also tried 4.8.0 Beta, and while the results are better, they are still much worse than in 4.6.2. Something broke in 4.7, which seems to have quite drastic effects on the smooth overhanging curves of the 3DBenchy bow hull section

  4. On 9/13/2020 at 6:17 AM, ChrisRowland said:

    I also have a problem with Cura 4.7.1, Windows 64 bit version.


    I've been running 4.6.1 sucessfully and saw the invitation to upgrade so did.  The install process worked.

    But starting Cura doesn't.  I get to the window asking for me to contribute by sending anonymous data and click on 'Next'

    Cura silently closes. No error messages, nothing.

    The same multiple times, even after a restart.


    Has anyone tried this with W10?  It seems pretty solid and as I've not even got to the point of selecting a printer seems pretty generic.


    Will return to 6.7




    I have been having similar problems using 4.7.1 after upgrading fro 4.4.1. the curved sections of the bow are very rough. The one on the left was sliced with 4.4.1 with totally default Ender 3 settings, the one on the right is with 4.7.1. They both have some odd excess pieces of filament, probably do to my new all-metal extruder, but I am quite sure that is unrelated...



  5. yes, I was looking in the cache, I couldn't find the local copies of the json files. they are likely in /usr/share or something... In any case, I found them in git. It would still be very useful to be able to export a profile containing ALL settings, not just the ones that have been modified, however

  6. That helped. It would be useful if there was a way to do an export of a profile that contains ALL of the settings, instead of just the name of the base and modified settings. It shouldn't be necessary to go rooting through github to figure out what changed between two versions of the profile

  7. the user configuration files are plain text, but they only contain the changes from the original base they started with. The actual base files are binary, although they contain a lot of text strings...

    The update to 4.5 made a LOT of changes in the base configurations, including things like changing the print layer heights. Unfortunately, a number of those changes have had severe effects on my print quality


  8. is there an explanation of the file formats that define the default settings? sometime after my computer updated Cura from 4.4 to 4.7 (I think it was the update to 4.5 that broke it) the default Ender 3 setting have totally broken on slicing Benchy for my printer. I want to compare the settings between the two, but the defaults seem to be written in files in ~/.cache/cura/4.7/definitions/4.7.1/... which are some sort of partially binary format, so it isn't obvious how to export them. In the case of the current version, it is likely not too difficult, but I don't see any way to export the 4.4 version without installing Cura 4.4 again, which seems non-trivial


  9. I recently updated to Cura 4.5.0 on an Arch Linux system using Gnome, and I have noticed that the recent files list is not preserved between sessions. For example, if I open Cura, then open some STL files, while Cura remains open those files appear in the recent files list, but if I close Cura and re-open it, I am back to whatever files I last worked on in an older version of Cura. Does anybody have any siuggestions?

    Edited: I found my cura.cfg file which contains this list, and it was last written in June of last year... I suspect this would be the cause of my difficulties... Still no idea how to get it to update, though


  10. I am testing with vase mode, and tried to print the standard rocket. For some reason, the g code stops about a centimetre from the top of the rocket. I am running Cura 3.4.1. 

    Looking at the screen shots that I have, the truncated rocket appears to be the correct height, for some reason I think it is adding to the radius. 




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