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  1. Thanks kman. I did some research and found that the Devcon Plastic Welder you recommended is also sold as Plexus MA300, and there is also a Devcon Plastic Welder 2 which is aka Plexus MA310. Plastic Welder 1 is also sold as DA291. They are different brand names owned by the same company, ITW. Plastic Welder / MA300 / DA291 is opaque cream or black, or white (291), and has a work time of 3-5 minutes Plastic Welder 2 / MA310 is opaque cream only and has a work time of 15-18 minutes I spoke to some technicians at ITW and they said MA310 is better with "difficul
  2. Thank you! I'm replying to kman in the original post.
  3. HI all, this thread is a bit old but it seems some knowledgeable posts here. I am curious if any of you have recommendations for adhesives for PLA not to itself, but to wood, and specifically for Tough PLA (I'm not sure if the new formulation makes any difference for bonding). I posted a question about it a few weeks ago, but no responses, so I'm widening the net. You can see the full post here, and thanks in advance -
  4. I'm looking for a good structural adhesive/glue that will bond wood to Tough PLA. There are many epoxies and methacrylates out there, many work with ABS but are untested or not recommended for PLA. I'm not sure if Tough PLA is easier or harder to bond with? Ideally: Transparent or untinted translucent <15 minute work time Works with dispenser (i.e cartridge in a gun) Candidates so far: JB Weld - clear, 5 minute work time (doesn't come in cartridges?) - $6 for 25ml -- easy to find but doesn't work in dispensers PC-Clear Epoxy - clear, 5 mi
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