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  1. That was the dialog I was talking about. However, I tried manually preheating the printer before opening the file, and that seemed to bypass the issue. Thanks for your help!
  2. Hello, I'm trying to get Octoprint to work with my Ultimaker 2+, but to no success. I've finished the Octoprint setup, but nothing will print. I'm using Cura for my slicing and RepRap Marlin. I've set up starting and ending G-code, which works well. However, I always get a warning message on the printer saying 'This file will override settings from the slicer'. My issue is that the printer's display is stuck at 'Printing from USB', so I can't do anything. I assume this warning is displayed because I'm not using UltiCode. TL;DR: It will run my starting and en
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